Handstand Push-Up


Target Area: Upper Body 

Equipment: Not required

  1. Facing a wall, place both hands on the floor, shoulder width apart. 
  2. Step forward with your dominant leg and kick yourself up against the wall with your arms straight. 
  3. Your body should be upside down with the arms and legs fully extended. Keep your whole body as straight as possible. 
  4. Slowly lower yourself to the ground, until your head almost touches the floor. 
  5. Push yourself back up until your elbows are nearly locked. Perform for the number of prescribed repetitions.



Perform away from a wall, freestanding.


Master a Handstand Hold first before progressing to this exercise. If you are trying to attempt handstand push-ups, but are struggling, even after mastering the handstand hold, place a pillow underneath your head, and only go down as low as your body allows before pushing back up to straight arms.


Handstand Hold