A next level fitness & nutrition program for men & women

Created by Qualified Training and Nutrition Experts
THE BOD is better. Beginner to Expert.

THE BOD truly is a next level program designed with real people in mind at every stage of their journey. It has been developed by a team of qualified nutritionists and master trainers with many years in the health and fitness industry. This has enabled us to remove the ongoing costs of having to create a custom program for you without sacrificing quality, experience, qualifications, support or knowledge!

Three Program Levels

Both the men's and women's versions of THE BOD have three levels of carefully programmed plans. Each plan have been designed to suit every individual fitness level, skill ability and the nutritional requirements to go alongside the programs.

Program Types

Women can choose from a 12-week at home or gym program within each level. For men, the gym-based program allows you to achieve your goals using free weights, machines and the option to tweak your 12-week training program.

Tried, Tested and Refined

Years have been spent solely on the development of THE BOD programs doing hours of vigorous testing on clients, refining the programs and ensuring that it really does deliver for each fitness level, skill ability and nutritional requirement.

Customisable Nutrition Plans

Each nutrition plan has been developed with a specific calorie intake based on the athletic output in each level. As you move and progress up through the program, you will notice your calorie intake changes to ensure adequate nutrition for the level of activity performed.

The Bod

Available for purchase now in digital and print formats. Digital copies are sent instantly as a ready to read PDF!
  • Why The Bod is different:
  • Proven results from years and years of testing and trials, bringing you the most foolproof protocols
  • Coaching methods in the palm of your hand that can be adapted to your own individual goals
  • Ongoing online support from our coaches to guide you through your journey
  • Nutrition and exercise laid out for you in an easy-to-understand format
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The Bod

Available for purchase now in digital and print formats. Digital copies are sent instantly as a ready to read PDF!

The Bod Men’s is perfect for people who cannot afford one-on-one or ongoing coaching, but still want to achieve the results that our founder has become world famous for. The Bod Men's is a tried and tested gym-based program designed specifically for men with their individual goals in mind. With three levels to suit every ability level. Nathan has been working for years to bring you his world-class training protocols and nutrition methods to the table.

Starting Strength
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D.U.P Powerlifter
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