Dumbbell Lunge (Stationary)

Target Area: Lower Body 

Equipment: 2 x Dumbbells

  1. Standing in a tall posture, hold the dumbbells resting against your thighs, with your palms medially rotated.
  2. Place one foot back while maintaining an upright posture. 
  3. Bend both knees until your rear knee softly touches the ground. Try to maintain an equal angle at both your knee and hip joints.
  4. Press through your heel firmly into the ground and return to the starting position, ensuring you keep your torso stable and drive from your quadriceps. Perform for the number of prescribed repetitions before alternating to the other leg.



Increase the weight of the dumbbells or number of repetitions.


Master a Stationary Lunge first or decrease the weight of the dumbbells.


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