Barbell Romanian Deadlift

Target Area: Lower Body  

Equipment: Barbell, Weight Collars, Weight Plates

  1. Stand facing the loaded barbell with your feet around shoulder width apart.
  2. Bend down with your knees and grasp the barbell using a pronated grip with your hands around shoulder width apart or wider
  3. Ensuring you keep your back straight and your chest upwards, stand straight up resting the barbell on your thighs. Make sure you keep the barbell travelling along your body throughout the entire exercise.
  4. Keep your knees slightly bent but in a locked position throughout the entire movement.
  5. Fix your eyes on one point facing forwards, slowly bending at the hips and lowering the barbell straight down close to your body. You should feel the stretch in your hamstrings and glutes.
  6. Lower the bar down as far as your hamstrings will let you comfortably.
  7. Engage the hamstrings and begin to raise the bar straight back up.
  8. Squeeze up through the glutes and hamstrings until you’re standing straight up. This is one repetition.



Increase the weight on the bar or number of repetitions.


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