What is the 75 Hard?

What is the 75 Hard?

The Ultimate Guide to the 75 Hard Challenge

Hey there, fitness warriors! Let’s dive into one of the most talked-about challenges in the wellness world today – the 75 Hard Challenge. Created in 2019 by Andy Frisella, a podcaster and CEO of 1st Phorm, this isn't just about getting fit; it's a mental toughness program designed to push your limits and transform your mindset.

The Story Behind 75 Hard

Andy Frisella came up with 75 Hard after a chat with James Lawrence, the Iron Cowboy, who completed 50 Ironman races in 50 days across all 50 states. Inspired by Lawrence's belief that stepping out of your comfort zone is essential for developing mental toughness, Frisella designed 75 Hard to help people build that grit and resilience.

The Rules of 75 Hard

For 75 consecutive days, you need to stick to the following rules, without exception:

  1. Follow a Diet: Choose a structured eating plan that aims for physical improvement. No cheat meals or alcohol allowed.
  2. Work Out Twice Daily: Complete two 45-minute workouts, one of which must be outdoors.
  3. Take a Progress Picture: Snap a daily photo to track your physical changes.
  4. Drink a Gallon of Water: Stay hydrated with a full gallon of water every day.
  5. Read 10 Pages: Dig into 10 pages of a non-fiction book daily (no audiobooks).

If you miss any of these tasks, you have to start over from day one. No exceptions, no excuses.

The Potential Benefits

The 75 Hard program claims to boost:

  • Confidence
  • Self-esteem
  • Perseverance
  • Self-worth
  • Self-belief
  • Mental fortitude

By sticking to the plan, you'll likely develop a solid routine, stay hydrated, read a lot, and keep track of your physical progress. Experts agree that consistency is key to seeing results, and 75 Hard definitely promotes that.

The Drawbacks

While there are benefits, the challenge isn't without its critics. The rigidity of the program can be a turn-off for some. It’s an all-or-nothing approach, which doesn’t leave room for slip-ups or learning sustainable habits. The lack of specific guidance on fitness and nutrition can be tricky for beginners who might struggle to find a routine that works for them.

Additionally, the no-rest-days rule might lead to overtraining injuries, especially for those not used to such intense activity.

Is 75 Hard Right for You?

Before jumping in, consider these questions:

  • What’s my plan after the 75 days?
  • What are my goals beyond just finishing the program?
  • How will this program enhance my current habits?
  • Is this something I can maintain long-term?

If you’re ready to take on 75 Hard, it might be worth consulting with a dietitian and trainer to tailor the diet and exercise plan to your needs. And as always, check with your healthcare provider before starting any new fitness or wellness program.

Remember, it's all about finding what works best for you and your lifestyle. Whether you take on 75 Hard or opt for a different path, the goal is to keep pushing towards a healthier, stronger you! Let’s crush those goals, ladies! 💪🎉

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