FREE 'Health is Wealth' Challenge

FREE 'Health is Wealth' Challenge



👉Everyday I woke up & said yes to me
👉I prioritised my health & sleep routines⁣⁣
👉I did breathwork, Ice bathed & sauna ⁣⁣
👉I fell back in love with my life
👉I set myself nutrition & training goals
⁣⁣👉I spent time learning new skills ⁣⁣
👉I re-stimulated my brain again by programming & calculating custom plans
👉Each promise to myself I kept, it strengthened my confidence, re-established a broken self esteem 🥺💗⁣⁣
👉I found myself, ALL over again 🙏


{daily vlog style} - for accountability. 

Then changed it to 'Health is Wealth' then 'Project You' was born.

Everyday for 30 days I am set myself a ‘mini goal’ from each heading:


This was simply a self-paced style challenge, no weight loss target, or specific end goal except radical accountability and personal growth. 👀

There is no group, book or sign up- it is just me, trying to improve myself every day and embrace spring - feel free to join in at any time, I am posting these as daily vlog styles. Please note, some of these may be super small, trivial acts I am personally performing, however it is important this is maintainable for me, is simply about being a better human each day and accountability- not preaching, just sharing. Choose your own each day if you wish🧚🏼 

💗 Spread love, kindness is free. 

Love a good ‘start up’ story? 

Born off the ability to serve others is what allows us to have purpose. 

⁣⁣You literally watched me transform, ⁣⁣an hour a day working ON-not just in it. ⁣⁣

👉Imagine how YOU could feel in 30 days?!⁣⁣

You will never regret spending time working on YOU. Turn your time into your transformation 🙏

Born off the back of heartbreak, love and experience. 

I believe that without darkness we would not know lightness and in our depth of transformation our ability to serve others is what allows us to have purpose. 

‘Project You’ has been a passion project to help rebuild my self worth, confidence and undergo a transformation of my own through connection, intention and the exact evidence based framework I have used for many years in helping women achieve lasting transformative results. 

If you have ever wanted me as a coach, Now Is Your Chance. For the first time in over 10 years, I am back online coaching and loving the connection and ability to serve women each and everyday. 

With over 12 years in the fitness industry, the common thing I see is that we keep sabotaging our own success. With thousands of clients, hundreds of kilos lost and so many thriving, inspiring women’s stories- I am confident that I can change women’s lives- with proven, scientific results. 

Back in 2012 I went searching for solutions to weight loss that was sustainable, without sacrificing taste or feeling hungry! Feeling broken from comp preps, high-intensity workouts mingled with scoliosis pain, I knew there had to be a better way to get results and that I did. 14 recipe books later, which I have used to sculpt my bod, and thousands of others- without the hunger or sacrificing on taste. Inspired, I put the pieces in place to develop an entirely new results fitness method, Project You, to serve women daily. Over ten years later, I still cry at her client’s results. 

Combining my qualifications in nlp, nutrition & training plus my experience in juggling motherhood, business and life- my goal is to transform yours in the easiest way possible. 


Self Confidence is established through constant repetitive behaviours of following through on promises for ourselves, that strengthen our self esteem. We learn we can trust ourselves because we do what we say we will do.

Objectively in 2023, I feel that if you zoom out on my life timeline, this may (and I pray it was) have been my hardest year that I will have to face - (I also understand there are many many women who do face worse than me, my heart aches at the thought)

I was given the suggestion from my psychologist that to rebuild my self esteem I served the woman I once was. I helped women do what I do best.

If you know me, you may know that I am not actually an overall confident person (as much as many on social media may believe that!) I am very introverted, love my days at home with my kids and don’t like small talk.

I feel best when helping or serving others and one thing I KNOW I am good at is helping other women to lose weight, to get strong, to change their mindset, to MOVE and shift from where you are atm- to where you want to be. I get it. Life’s hard. You didn’t expect to be where you are.

I know this feeling.

If you are still reading, I want to take you inside a (very) private diary entry from one of my harder times in 2023…

“My body is numb. I don’t know how to shower, or when to wee. My body feels like it is a shell of someone else’s. The pain is no longer pain and I am simply surviving. A friend came and wrote on a whiteboard with tasks to do everyday. He will be back next week once I do them everyday.”

If you have ever looked at me and thought I was so far advanced, remember this is less than 12 months ago that I was unable to even regulate my basic bodily functions. I was in such a state of disassociation.

My cure?

Help other women, and my goodness 'Project You' didn’t only save me, but so many beautiful souls too. 

The Bod isn’t a big business that when you sign up, it goes towards big CEOs, it literally dings on my phone goes towards my kids swimming lessons. It’s a direct impact, plus it strengthens my mathematical brain and gets your results which means positive results for everyone.

In 2024, I want to make sure I am able to change up the women I am serving, always, for this reason and for a very limited few spots- I am offering monthly payment plans for 'Project You.'

Project You was born from heartbreak, but I don’t say this for sympathy but more so for an understanding and I guess so if you ever experience that depth of pain you see that the world does in fact go on around you and, as hard as it feels, moves on without you.

How did I get through?

Serving others.

Small daily tasks everyday. Stacking each and every week. 

Project you was a project born to help my brain to distract the pain, to stimulate my intelligence and the desire to help women to never ever feel alone in a world where I believe so many diets are simply fads that cannot be sustained.

‘Project You’ has everything combined- NLP mindset to stop the sabotaging habits that keep you from actually achieving your goals, your custom meal plans, that I do using my delicious recipes, custom to your exact caloric intake goals so you can reach your goals and my god gurls, the tears I have shed from your results have been a game changer.

I have worked around the clock since I launched in September, I have gotten emails that have literally stopped me in my tracks and I guess I am writing this to say, “thanks”

I am a very nerdy girl, who needs mental stimulation and likes to serve and help others, so this has been the best possible project to undertake whilst experiencing a heartbreak I don’t wish upon anyone.

The feedback has been so so so beyond kind and I want to ensure I am able to serve and make this incredible offer available to all demographics of women, worldwide.

This means I will be launching coaching to get you not only the time and freedom to do the things you love with your family, but also the energy, confidence and happiness to do all the things that fill your cup up.

If 2023 taught me one thing, it’s that designer brands mean nothing if you’re sitting with a handbag, alone. Location could be so serene that your eyes ache and you literally PINE FOR YOUR BABIES (my whole trip to Europe) That money means nothing if you have no one lying next to you when it’s all gone. That a lot of people are in fact in this game of life for themselves and the art of selflessness is not actually a self love act, rather one that hurts no other than you.

In all of this, I genuinely sit here hoping that if you have read this far you take on the wisdom I have personally learnt and want to share:

-If it feels wrong (in your deep gut!) it is

-That you deserve to put yourself first and this one I actually PROMISE - when you decide an hour to yourself - yes, guilt free too, that your entire life will change (for the better too!)

-stop explaining yourself. It doesn’t not matter what Jenny from school thinks, it matters what YOU think.

-the feeling of health will never be able to be replaced, if you’re chasing quick fixes- expect a quick result. Not what you want to hear? I promise you I will tell you straight, I can get any women to their goals, however they must a- want to, b- do as required and c- understand that life is a once off opportunity that you are SO blessed to be involved in, if you want to live it to your fullest, then you must actually grab the steering wheel and take the direction into your own hands. If you have never naturally awoken out of bed, sprung out of bed or had energy (minus the caffeine) life is about to seriously change for you!!) hahaha

I remember (if I may share a story) when I had Kai, I was soooo unwell. I actually didn’t know how my body was designed to feel. I just thought waking up tired was how humans lived. Wow oh wow haha

I wake up naturally between 4-5am and I often wake up buzzing with ideas, creativity, inspiration and excitement to hear how my clients day was, how my babies slept and how I can serve others on that day. I call this purpose.

I get it, this sounds very cringe and eye roll, however if you have followed me on socials you may see those 5am club posts, awake, simply buzzing that life is in front of me, as a 34 year old, beyond excited to be blessed to help women change their life, and thus help the next generation.

My goal in life is to provide women with education to change the trajectory of our children's futures of our children- in all ways- health, relationships, happiness.

I believe access to education and the ability and freedom to think laterally means that our children won’t live in a world where profit trump's health.

👉Everyday I woke up & said yes to me

👉I prioritised my health & sleep routines⁣⁣

👉I sat in moments of stillness, alone but not lonely. 🤯⁣⁣

👉I did breathwork, Ice bathed & sauna ⁣⁣

👉I fell back in love with my life

👉I set myself nutrition & training goals

⁣⁣👉I spent time learning new skills ⁣⁣

👉I re-stimulated my brain again by programming nutrition plans

👉Each promise to myself I kept, it strengthened my confidence, re-established a broken self esteem 🥺💗⁣⁣

👉🚀I found myself, all over again🙏⁣⁣

👉 Serving their gives us purpose

Born off the ability to serve others is what allows us to have purpose. 

⁣⁣You literally watched me transform, ⁣⁣an hour a day working ON-not just in it. ⁣⁣

👉Imagine how YOU could feel in 30 days?!⁣⁣

You will never regret spending time working on YOU. Turn your time into your transformation 🙏

👉I took myself on dates & LOVED on DND.⁣⁣

👉Everyday I said no to people people and yes to me❌ ⁣⁣

👉The healthier you get the less unhealthy people like you.⁣⁣

👉I sat in moments of stillness,alone but not lonely. 🤯⁣⁣

👉I went overseas & did breathwork ⁣⁣

👉Ice bathed & sauna ⁣⁣

👉I read different genres, ted talks & binged podcasts on 2x. ⁣⁣

I KNEW I was aligning, when I had goosebumps most days. ⁣⁣%uD83D%uDE80

When I felt tired I would look over, see my kids watching on, I didn’t need more motivation. ⁣⁣(look at the boys now) 

👉I spent time learning new skills ⁣⁣

👉I re-stimulated my brain again by programming nutrition plans 🥰🥦⁣⁣

After just 22 days of repeating this process, my concept for “project you” was born & in the process⁣⁣⁣⁣

🚀I found myself, all over again. 🚀🙏⁣⁣ 

👉 Simply by repeating consistent habits I once loved 🥺😭

People may think I’m crazy for believing in unicorns & magic.. I wonder how you live without it, I look for magic. I seek out beauty, butterflies. I notice the smile a stranger gives me when they hear me singing 🥺 Do you know what glitter feels like? If I could describe day one of spring, it is that: pure magic, bliss on my skin… goosebumps & all 🧚🏼“She’s a Bit Much”  ⁣ You mean like a bonus french fry in the bottom of the bag?  ⁣ Like triple texting good news?  ⁣Like buying coffee for the person beind you? Or did you mean ‘a bit much’ like an unexpected upgrade to business class / or the band pretending to go off stage and then coming back for an encore?  ⁣ Perhaps you just meant sprinkles / confetti / witty comebacks / generous tips / fireworks / waterslides / serotonin / cherries on top / and the fact that maybe we were put on this planet simply to enjoy ourselves? Then yes, I agree—she is a bit much. Aren’t we so lucky she’s here? 🥰

💗I wrote this bio after launching, let me know if you think it 'fits' 💗Welcome to my life, unfiltered. Yet, unconventionally conventional. 

(blame my religious upbringing for some of my misogynist beliefs I am yet to shake) 

As a woman in business, I am already on the back foot, adding in a splash of integrity, a dash of raising 4 kids in tow and a big ol’ heart, bigger than the stray dog who loves a pat….. and this is my 12 year career, summarised!  

I’m a heart-led, hands-on director, driven by a desire to perpetually stimulate my mind, expand my knowledge, and embrace both learning and unlearning.

A total nerd, who chooses books over TV, reviewing reports, over small talk and juggles multiple projects to satisfy my hunger for expansive & continuous growth, whilst pursuing my purpose to help as many women as humanly possible. 

Meaning, I am often working unapologetically into the early morning’s, down various ‘rabbit holes’  finding a solution to fix a never ending thread of problems that if you know business, never ends! 

Each year, I say I will work less, all whilst secretly loving the stimulation to my brain that it takes to figure out a root cause of a bug, find a pattern sequence of the moments when I am in fact so deep in a code vortex that no-one but me will understand if I stop now, so I thrive on achieving outcomes and gaining quick momentum to find solutions, setting the next astronomical goal. 

I am, in essence, just a country, coastal girl standing in front of, well, the entire internet, (and, usually in a bikini) advocating for kindness.

‘The modern day Betty Crocker, if you will.’ 

In a strange way, as if I am still that of the innocence of a 7 year old who is yet to experience the realities of our wild, World Wide Web. 

I am a lot. 

I once hated that, I now own this statement, a bit like finding a bonus french fry in the bag – unexpected, delightful, and always a bit extra.

A little messy, sometimes with a slight stutter, always weird, but a whole lot of fun. I'm the person triple texting good news, buying coffee for the stranger behind me, and always ready with a witty comeback.

I'm a believer in unicorns and looking for the glitter, magic, finding joy in the small things like a stranger's smile or the beauty of a butterfly. 

Weird right, for someone so analytically minded?

I love seeing the polarity and depth in extremes, without light we simply would not know darkness, without a problem we would not need a solution. Gratitude, Always. Because I have known pain, suffering & unkindness. 

I pride myself on being a multifaceted woman, like a diamond, with many aspects, levels of depth and different angles and sides, depending on who’s light is shining.  

I have heard people say this alot and I now get it, I never want to retire. I genuinely love my life, I am blessed to serve women daily to live a better life and I am rewarded daily in their results and I still to this day get goosebumps at their kind words. 

Life's about the sprinkles, the confetti, the generous tips – it's about creating moments of joy and serendipity. 

And in this journey, I'm all about spreading love and kindness, because, in the end, we're here to enjoy ourselves and help others do the same.

Feel free to ask what the views are, you may actually be surprised. 

Sophie x  

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