Get Stronger At Home With This Upper Body Workout

Get Stronger At Home With This Upper Body Workout

We understand that not everyone can make it to the gym, or requires switching between gym and home workouts to suit their lifestyle.

Although home workouts may be limiting in terms of access to certain equipment - a well put together home program can still provide you with effective and long lasting results!

All our home programs here at THE BOD have been curated to target all areas of your physique and are designed with progression, measurable strength gain and lean muscle mass development in mind. 

Here’s one of our upper body workouts to help you build muscle and strength at home.

Grab a set of dumbbells and let’s get going, GF!


  • 💪 15 x Shoulder Fly
  • 💪 15 x Plank Row
  • 💪 15 x Bicep Curl
  • 💪 15 x DumbbellPull Through Extension
  • 💪 15 x Push Up
  • 💪 15 x Standing Row

Check out BOD Coach @triniti_jean in action below!

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  • Pippa

    I just have no excuse to fail when Sophie offers so many tools and info thank you <3

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