Weight Gain on Holidays | Our Top Tips for Staying on Track

Weight Gain on Holidays | Our Top Tips for Staying on Track

We've asked the squad, and compiled the most popular ways to stay on track while on holiday!

Whether your lifestyle has been disrupted, you're travelling or you've strayed from from your routine, sometimes change is required to adapt to what life throws at you.

Staying on track while on holiday can be mentally taxing. Especially if you've been working towards a goal leading up to your vacation. The last thing you'd want to do is continue dieting, and the first thing you'd want to do is recline back and eat whatever you feel like.

Whether you've been tracking your macros consistently, or following a set meal plan, there are ways to stay on track and come back feeling content and ready to get back into routine. 

One of the main things that gets disrupted when routine is thrown out the window is consistency.

Our Top Tips for Staying on Track


  • Motivation can be low, and cravings can be high when delicious food is around
    When picking foods at a restaurant or event, stay true to your roots and pick foods you know your body respond well to. It won't leave you sluggish and will reduce the risk of bloating and discomfort. Choosing foods you'd regularly go for will allow room for dessert, drinks, and treats you don't usually include in your diet. 

  • Here's a tip from our other article on staying on track during the festive season:
    Stop when you're full
    Overeating doesn't end at the uncomfortable bloat - it can stretch the stomach leading it to believe it takes more food than what it really does to feel full. It triggers an addiction-like response to whatever you're eating in large amounts - if you've just consumed a lot of sugar or salt, chances are you'll be wanting it the next day too. Remember that moderation is the key to a long-term successful healthy lifestyle.

  • Pack protein powder
    Unless you're naturally a big meat eater, consuming adequate protein can be tough with the loss of routine and normalcy. Protein not only satiates you, it helps to maintain muscle mass and regulate bodily function. 

  • Be wary of drinks
    Did you know a Pina Colada can contain up to 650 calories? If you prefer to get your calories from food, keep this in mind.

  • Pack your plate with fibre
    It's also quite easy to neglect your daily fruit and veg when on the road. If there's a salad station or green veg on the menu, why not order some to keep your fibre intake regular? You'll feel great internally!

Want some help with training too? Try this body weight workout and add some booty bands too.

  •      A1) Banded Squats
  •      A2) Banded Glute Bridge with Hip Abduction
  •      A3) Single Leg Banded Glute Bridge

10 reps each, repeat three times

  •      B1) Clamshells
  •      B2) Frog Pumps
  •      B3) Banded Kickbacks

8 reps, repeat three times

  •      D1) Reverse Hyper
  •      D2) Lateral Leg Raise

10 reps, repeat three times

     Finish with 1 minute Mountain Climbers

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