Top 10 Tracks For Lifting Heavy | The Bod

Top 10 Tracks For Lifting Heavy | The Bod

Tracks for lifting heavy

These songs aren't for mindless training. These songs are to get you in the zone and keep you in the zone. You know those sessions where your hair's a mess, you can't see anything in the gym besides the weight and you're more determined than ever.

Did you know?

Studies taken spanning over 62 individual studies by researchers David-Lee Priest and Costas Karageorghis of Brunel University deemed that listening to music during exercise can both delay fatigue and lessen the subjective perception of fatigue. Anything to keep that motivation at an all time high! Let us know what you think of our song suggestions, comment your faves and update your playlist stat!  

Korn - Right Now

Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

Diplo - Express Yourself

Till' I Collapse - Eminem

Watch Me - Jaden Smith


I Can't Stop - Flux Pavillion 


Burial - Yogi & Skrillex


Breathe - Prodigy


Humble - Kendrick Lamar


Dj Turn It Up - Yellowclaw


What are your favourite tracks for lifting heavy? Comment below.

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