The Easiest Ways To Lift More

The Easiest Ways To Lift More

Firstly, I want to emphasis that our minds are freaking important. We choose our paths, our day, our feelings and emotions we choose to take on. Mindset is incredibly important.

So number one, make sure you have worked through any limiting beliefs in regards to your training. What are limiting beliefs you may ask?

“I can’t lift over 100kgs” “I am not strong enough to do a pull up” “I am too weak”

You are not. Your mind is tricking you, start owning your thoughts and watch your workouts change.

Music - powerful! Find what motivates you, a playlist, the same song on repeat. Whatever it is - I have heard of big guys lifting to classical music - so there are no right or wrong genres.

Grip - Have you ever been half way into a set and your fingers fail you? The bar slips out and you curse yourself? No? Just me? Haha I think not!

Wrist grips will change your life. I am a full convert. I have used wrist grips for about 5 years and my strength increased HUGELY.
Weight belt - this gives you the protection on your back, which (whether it is placebo or not is another story) gives you the mindset that you can do it, it also acts as a support to push your core against when training.

Nutrition - we are what we eat, whether we like it or not. Usually the day before is the fuel for our workouts the day after. Remember to treat your body like the most important home you will ever live in. If we listen to our bodies carefully, they will tell us exactly what we need. Ensuring we get enough protein in our diets will allow our muscles to rebuild and repair, so tracking macros is a great way to monitor our nutritional intake.

Hydration! Our bodies are made up of mostly water, so keeping them hydrated is so important to keep at optimal performance.

Consistency is an integral part of our weight training, performance and fitness goals. Have you ever had a week off and you go back and think how did I lose my fitness so quickly?

Staying consistent is incredibly important. Ideally, not going too hard and staying consistent instead of having peaks and burning out is optimal.
Follow a program- having a coach to take the guess work out of your training will help see you progress a lot quicker. The bod app allows you to follow a bunch of different programs, whilst still customising to your individual strength and fitness ability.

Don’t change your exercises too often instead, keep the variety by changing your rep ranges, super setting and using different grips and variations of the fundamental movements.

Get a training buddy - staying accountable helps immensely to be able to stick to your program and plan. If you don’t have anyone in person, the bod’s online community is a huge

Set goals- this could be hitting a weight goal of a certain movement, a time challenge, a rep challenge or perhaps it could be simply changing your focus monthly to a certain goal to achieve to help your motivation!

Cannot wait to see you smash your goals, make sure you keep us updated by tagging your personal best lifts, runs, new shoes - whatever it is that is keeping you going!

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