Inside the NEW Bod Women's Program

The Bod was launched in March 2016 so to celebrate The Bod turning 1 we gained feedback from all the Bod babes following the program and developed an updated version! We worked with the coaches to create solutions to the questions given to us, and hurdles that our athletes have stumbled across during following The Bod. We've expanded our knowledge even further, and adapted the program to be individualised to suit everyone's goals and macro breakdowns.

Here's what's different in The Bod Women's Program:

    • You can now customise the program to suit you
    • The choice between our 12-week macro balanced meal plan OR customised flexible dieting protocol
    • The difference between flexible dieting and a set meal plan
    • All recipes NOW including nutritional breakdown and macros
    • The vegetarian options and supplements, vitamins and minerals guide
    • The ability to walk away with the knowledge on how to write you own meal plan
    • Macro and micronutrients, required ratios and fibre information
    • Executing the right plan to achieve your goals
    • How to track and weigh your food correctly
    • Gaining or cutting (learning how to adjust calories to manipulate your body composition)
    • Cheat, free or refeed meals (obtaining vital knowledge on structured cheat, free or refeed meals)

Launching the male version alongside The Bod Women's program also means that an entire family can eat the same meals together. You can eat according to your own goals but prepare the same recipes for your friends and family!

Not only does our latest version teach you about the required calories for your individual needs. It will also enlighten you about reverse dieting, increasing your metabolic capacity and leaning down through nutrition.

    • Same recipes, same 12-week meal plan (if you choose to use it)
    • Step-by-step workbook

Our aim is to always improve our products to give you the best possible chance at success. As always, our coaches will always be available to provide you with advice or guidance! Check out the latest programs here

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