THE BOD Vegan Recipe Collection is coming

THE BOD Vegan Recipe Collection is coming

We're so excited to officially announce the launch of THE BOD Vegan Recipe Collection!

A compilation of fail-proof vegan recipes that are easy to prepare, absolutely delicious, and brings you one step closer to nailing flexible dieting as a vegan (or not!). These recipes aren't just for those who follow a vegan diet. Perhaps you want to incorporate more meat-free days into your diet without affecting your tracking, want to reduce your impact on the environment, or even save money on your groceries. 

Being a vegan or vegetarian doesn't have to be a deal-breaker when it comes to macro counting. With a little planning and adjusting, you can be successful in reaching your diet and fitness goals regardless of whether or not you eat meat.

What vegan recipes can you expect?

This new collection provides flexible vegan meal alternatives for our #bodsquad. Keep scrolling for a little sneak preview 🤫 and a full list of the recipes.

THE BOD Vegan Recipe Collection Sneak Preview

Why you'll love it?!

Our new collection integrates seamlessly with THE BOD APP, meaning you don't need to learn any new tricks, your vegan options will simply become available to you in your meal planning section.

Whether you're vegan, or simply have a love for vegan food, this in-app feature is PERFECT for you. Think... more, delicious, nutritious, VEGAN recipes to fuel you on your health and fitness journey.

How it works?

Our Vegan Recipe Collection is available to purchase through THE BOD APP. Simply navigate to the Shop tab at the bottom of your app screen and select Vegan Recipe Collection... EASY 😍

When will it be available?

THE BOD Vegan Recipe Collection is launching 10:30am AEST Monday 1st October 🎉😍🙌🏽

Download THE BOD APP and receive your first month FREE.

Click here and enter code 'FREEMONTH' 🙌🏽


Let us know in the comments below if you'd like us to share a sample Vegan day meal plan featuring some of these recipes and existing recipes that are already vegan-friendly in THE BOD?

And remember, vegan doesn't have to be boring!

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