Sophie's 'It list' for Spring 🌼

Sophie's 'It list' for Spring 🌼

With winter coming to an end in Australia, I can just FEEL you all wanting some sunshine rays to warm your soul and what better way, than with chia seed puddings! Check out my favourite breakfast options here! Spring has sprung and I always find that when the blossoms are blooming, your mood is boosted too! 

➡️ My favourite variation of chia seed pudding is with berries and greek yoghurt! 

➡️ My hot tip for busy peeps, is to make a big batch in a tupperware container, and store it in the fridge - it will last the whole week and you can simply use as needed! (include recipe) 

➡️ Current sculpt session, my fav in app session at the moment is the on demand lower body ignite, where I take Arianna through her paces and talk you through every step! 

➡️ Holistic hack has to go to time blocking - being so time poor I am loving using my diary to organise the family and priortise the things important to us! 

➡️ My must have item at the moment is my workout shoe (along with everyone else!) is the new balance in pink haze! 

➡️  My favourite workout song atm is YG- toxic (slow, I know- but is also a great tune!) 

➡️ When I think about my favourite quote at the moment, it is:

‘Do all things with love and intention’

Firstly I would love to hear what is featuring on your IT list, and as always, please send me your progress, fav sessions and what recipes you are loving! 

Until next week, keep your mindset focused and your habits healthy! 💫

Sophie x

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