Say Hello To Our New Coach Triniti!

Say Hello To Our New Coach Triniti!

A little get to know me about our newest Coach Triniti!


My name is Triniti and I am from Adelaide in South Australia.  From a very young age I have been interested in and played team sports - everything from netball to softball, touch football to tennis. Keeping fit and healthy then naturally flowed with the busy lifestyle of training and playing these sports. I had a pretty solid fitness and training routine from week to week, poor Mum and Dad driving me around and `across Adelaide. 

I was brought up on a fairly healthy balanced diet however was one of those kids who was made to eat all their dinner or they didn’t get dessert. Let me tell you, it worked. I mean who wants to miss out on dessert!? Not me… 

My team sports continued into my late teenage years and eventually life just got so busy with working two jobs, having a social life and to be honest I did lose the love for the game. That’s when I knew it was time to give team sports up. I kept my fitness levels up by working as a dancer in clubs around Adelaide and corporate gigs. They were late nights and long exhausting shifts but I enjoyed it and will say I had some of the best nights out doing what I loved.   



In 2011 I picked up my first weight and after almost fainting in my first PT session, I began to feel like I had found my ‘new jam’. The PT I was working with at the time encouraged me to think about the possibility of competing. That idea completely scared the jeepers out of me and more for the fact she wanted me to enter as a ‘figure’ competitor. “Had she lost her mind” I thought.. I had seen those ladies on tv before and thought “Woah how can the body do that!?” 

After contemplating the idea a little more, I told my PT I would compete but only in the bikini division. Guess my PT thought better than a no all together. Going forward 4 years, having competed in around 8 comps and a few divisions including, figure, fitness and physique – I had learnt a lot about my body, nutrition and training styles.  

For the time I was in it I loved competing, I loved the process, seeing how far I could push my body, finding that inner determination and will power to stick to my diet, meeting some pretty inspirational people and then showing off all of my hard work on show day. 

Back to back competing years on end my body started to get tired and I certainly felt it. Not just in the way my body was responding to comp preps but also mentally. Going to the gym became a chore or something I ‘had to do’. Again, like the team sports I was losing the love for something that was suppose to be my passion.  It was then that I decided to stop competing and steer away from the bodybuilding world and industry all together. 





One day I was sitting in surgery at my dental job thinking to myself, “yes I like my job but I don’t love it so why am I not doing something I love? It was then that I went back to study to complete my Certificate 4 in fitness. This allowed me to instruct group fitness classes and gave me the title ‘Personal trainer.’ I have now been a fitness instructor for almost 2 years. Instructing bigger groups instead of the typical one on one personal trainer life is absolutely what I want to be doing. I love being able to be somewhat apart of it all, join in on exercises to help motivate the group and I love seeing both men and women supporting, encouraging and working together to better themselves.  

Travelling up to the Gold Coast earlier this year for THE BOD weekend, I was lucky enough to hold the two functional training classes and WOW what an amazing experience that was. I think that only confirmed were my heart was and I wanted more!  


I love to run, I always have. It could have been the team sports influence from a very young age or just the feeling I get when I run. I know running or cardio isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but for me it’s also about the mental release it gives me. 

I have been weight training for around 7 years now. Back in the day my training was very structured and I had always had a dated goal. Pull days, push days, high reps, max rep, drop sets, giant sets, I was all about that life. Nowadays I’m just trying to get my two weighted sessions in a week! Oh how life has changed. I would encourage having a set structure or plan for your training week. It keeps you accountable, pushes you to reach your goals and your body will respond better. I keep a diary of all my training week to week. This allows me to keep track of how many weighted sessions I’ve done verses cardio or my functional sessions. I can mark in my rest day to suit my schedule and it also helps to plan out events and life around training so you can have that balance.


I was brought up on a fairly healthy, balanced diet. As kids we were to eat everything on our plate before leaving the table. Lets just say some nights went on and on.. I hated peas and I still hate peas! I remind mum of this often. However nowadays this isn’t always everyone’s way of parenting and that’s okay. Every parent is able to bring up their children as they see fit. 

Throughout my years of competing, I have been on some strict diets. I’ve carb loaded, carb depleted, water loaded and water depleted. I’ve eaten chicken, greens and rice throughout preps and I’ve tracked macros. There were pros and cons for both nutrition plans and both got me to my goal. I’ve learnt a lot about nutrition and how my own body responds to certain foods. I love that you can type in a food item to the app ‘My Fitness Pal’ and it will give you the complete breakdown of what’s in that food. I find this really interesting and helpful to then eyeball amounts of food and roughly know the macro breakdown. For me right now I work with the 80/20 rule. I eat fairly clean smaller meals during the working week and then on weekends allow for more calorie dense meals just not as often. I guess you could say I am intuitively eating. I love that if I know I need to pull my nutrition in or have a specific goal in mind, I can click on ‘My fitness pal’ with my correct macros entered and track 100% and see results all whilst still eating the foods I love.  

I would love you hear any questions, comments or your thoughts on my training history, nutrition or any aspect relevant – feel free to direct message me on Instagram > @triniti_jean



If you love health and fitness as much as I do, you’ll feel right at home following along with my workouts, nutrition tips and day to day positivity within THE BOD community. 

Thanks for having me. 

Triniti xx

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