Sample 1-Day Vegan Meal Plan

Sample 1-Day Vegan Meal Plan

As you know, we're big believers in tracking your macronutrients, regardless of your dietary preference. The perfect balance of protein, carbs and fats, managed with a healthy and diverse intake of micronutrients. That's what we swear by.

Flexible dieting (tracking macros) can be followed regardless of your dietary preferences. This approach is about eating the foods you enjoy while still reaching your goals. If you're new to flexible dieting, we definitely recommend checking out our Flexible Dieting 101 article. While you're there, download our free How to Flexible Diet eBook! 

We often hear the negative effects that a vegan diet may have on an individual and their own body composition goals, however, when a balanced macronutrient ratio is obtained, we can achieve incredible results, healthily.

Within our new Vegan Recipe Collection in THE BOD APP, each recipe has been carefully created to be macro-friendly. The recipes are also balanced to be a mixture of desserts, snacks and mains. The recipe collection is a compilation of fail-proof vegan recipes that are easy to prepare, absolutely delicious, and brings you one step closer to nailing flexible dieting as a vegan (or not!). 

Try our sample 1-day Vegan meal plan

We've created a mouthwatering vegan-friendly day on a plate Check out this drool-worthy menu! 🤤 It features vegan-friendly recipes you can find exclusive in THE BOD APP.

Meal 1. 

Scrambled Tofu on Bagels from THE BOD Fuel Recipe Collection
Scrambled Tofu on Bagels from THE BOD Fuel Recipe Collection

Meal 2. 

Four Bean Salad
Rye Cruskits with Almond Butter

Meal 3. 

Spicy Tofu Kebabs
Roast Pumpkin, Green Beans and Hummus

Meal 4. 
Cookie Dough Protein Ball from THE BOD Bites Recipe Book
Mixed Berries and Coconut Yoghurt

Meal 5.
Chilli Carne with Zucchini Noodles from THE BOD Vegan Recipe Collection

Chilli Carne from THE BOD Vegan Recipe Collection


Make sure you tag us in your recreations with #THEBODRecipes and for the vegans out there who have created their own epic recipes, we'd love to hear from you. Submit your vegan recipe creations to us via


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