New Workout Alert

New Workout Alert


So many different exercises - do you find that you get bored of the same exercises or need motivation to push you further?⁣

I love that I have my set weights program, where my goal is to increase my strength - typically this includes key fundamental movements like squat variations (high bar, low bar, front) deadlift variations (sumo, conventional, Romanian) overhead press (barbell and dumbbell) and have ‘fun’ with varying exercises with my functional style sessions. ⁣

👉🏼🔥Add booty bands or weights for further resistance! ⁣

💥 Reverse hyper frog pump (add a band for the extra burn!)⁣
💥Dumbbell step-ups ⁣
💥Medicine ball hip thrust (3-second pause at the top!)⁣
💥Unilateral (One leg) incline hip thrust - hip thrust/flute bridge ⁣
💥Medicine ball sumo squat (keep your elbows HIGH!)⁣
💥Medicine ball slam (I LOVE THESE!)⁣
💥Kettlebell swings ⁣
💥Box Jumps ⁣

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