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New Fresh Foods To Fuel Your Bod This Summer

Celebrate summer with fresh new recipes in THE BOD App, exclusively available for Summer Challenge members!

The food you fuel yourself with is everything. From your energy, your mood, your skin, to your body composition, all of it starts with what is on the end of your fork. Here at THE BOD, we want you to eat delicious and nutritious foods that fuel your day, make you feel great inside and out, keep you satisfied, and allow you to build a healthy relationship with your body - without any fad diets in sight. And so, inspired by the warmer weather, we've been busy in the kitchen whipping up some fresh new recipes ready for our Summer Challenge babes!

We understand that nutrition is just as important as exercise when it comes to smashing your goals, so when you join the 6-week Summer Challenge (kicking off Monday 31 January), you’ll receive exclusive access to 10 NEW macro-friendly recipes, plus a customised summer set meal plan to work alongside your training program.

These nutritious and delicious whole food recipes are loaded with goodness and free from refined sugars and preservatives. We’ve got you covered from breakfast through to dessert, sis!

Check out these brand new recipes coming your way from Monday 31 January:

Tropical Summer Slaw with Chicken

Tropical Slaw Salad With Chicken | THE BOD

Turkey Taco Bowl
Turkey Taco Bowl | THE BOD
Spinach Tortilla Wrap
    Spinach Tortilla Wrap | THE BOD
    Summer Veg Omelette
    Summer Veg Omelette THE BOD
    Healthy Tuna Pasta Salad
    Healthy Tuna Pasta Salad THE BOD


    Southwest Chicken Salad

    Southwest Chicken Salad THE BOD 

    Vietnamese Prawn Noodle Salad
    Vietnamese Prawn Noodle Salad THE BOD
    Snickers Yoghurt Choc Top
    Snickers Yoghurt Choc Top THE BOD

    Salmon Soba Noodle Salad
    Salmon Soba Noodle Salad THE BOD
    Banana Vanilla Pancakes

    Banana Vanilla Pancakes THE BOD

    What kind of foods can you expect when you join the Summer Challenge? Well, take a sneak peek below at what your daily menu would look like, girl.

    Meal Plan Example from Week 3:

    Chia Seed Pudding
    Morning Tea:
    Carrot Cake Energy Ball
    Turkey Mince San Choy Bow
    Afternoon Tea: 
    Sun-dried Tomato Cups
    Salmon Soba Noodle Salad


    YUM! Ready to dig in, sis? 

    To get your lips around these delicious new recipes, and exclusive meal plan, simply

    1. Download the THE BOD App on the App Store or Google Play
    2. Select the Summer Challenge Program
    3. Set your alarm - we start Monday 31 January 2022!
    THE BOD Summer Challenge - Get THE BOD App

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