Kickstart With Sophie Challenge - Sophie's Week 4 Check-In THE BOD

Kickstart With Sophie Challenge - Sophie's Week 4 Check-In

What a difference a few weeks of consistency can make!
This has been the first week I have been able to see and FEEL noticeable difference! My strength is starting to increase, my body is feeling sore, and I already feel more firm. 
This week, I woke up and decided I could double up my bra and run for the first time (in 4 months!) since my surgeries! I managed 2 really cruisey runs and felt so amazing after. There truly is no greater high than exercise! 
Towards the end of the week, I started to feel really sore and even took an additional rest day to recover. Sometimes I feel like resting is actually more beneficial than working out when we have been going hard for a few weeks! 
If you are struggling with motivation this week, that is normal - it is in these times that we build resilience. Remember, a good routine and structure will help you achieve your goals! 
How are you feeling heading into week 4 of the challenge? Let me know in the comments below!

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Sophie x 

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