Kickstart With Sophie Challenge | Week 6 Check-In THE BOD

Kickstart With Sophie Challenge | Sophie's Week 6 Check-In

The final week is here!!

This week has been a huge week for me, not only physically, but also mentally. I had quite a few social events on where I guess my body physically showed the results of all of my hard work, because I had so many people reach out to me and be like 'wow - the difference is massive and I can see a huge change within your bod!'.

I think, for me, it was reassuring because I have been so focused on simply just being able to gain back my strength and have the mental aid of being able to train again, that I completely forgot about the physical elements and changes within my body also.

Socialising and having Christmas parties and other events on have meant that I have not stuck to my nutrition this week, and I also noticed a massive difference within my body.

It didn’t take long before I felt the effects within my strength, but also within my mindset. For me, THE BOD isn't just a six week challenge, it is about a lifetime change. The thing that I love the most about THE BOD and its programming is the ability to be able to continue with maintainable habits long-term, without it simply being a short term fix.

I hope that you all have had the most amazing results with THE BOD so far and that you’ve noticed huge changes too, not only in your strength and physical elements, but also your mindset. I hope that you’ve been enjoying the nutritional element of it all too.

I'm so proud of all the effort the BODSquad community are making - I cannot wait to see final results!!

Let me know in the comments below how you're feeling this final week, or reach out to me on my Instagram.

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Let's start 2022 STRONG!

Sophie x 

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