Kickstart With Sophie Challenge | Sophie's Week 5 Check-In THE BOD

Kickstart With Sophie Challenge | Sophie's Week 5 Check-In

I can’t believe that this is week FIVE of the Kickstart With Sophie Challenge! Wow, time flies!

I am feeling so excited and proud this week - not only because of the changes that I have made (both physically and mentally), but also the fact that I have managed to smash my goals in such an incredible way and in only a few weeks! Whilst I never usually like to share or reveal my body fat, I have managed to lose 8% body fat, as well as gained muscle. I have been monitoring this with a body scan machine each week, but I can also see the physical results as well as the mindset/energy increase.

Over the weekend I had a Christmas party to attend. Now, I very rarely drink alcohol, however I went out and drank, and wow oh wow, does that affect your body in a big way! Not only am I STILL hung over from the weekend, but I have struggled to get my training session in too - therefore having a greater impact long-term rather than just the one night.

For those that do socialise often, I can truly see how difficult resisting alcohol can be in Australian society, especially when it’s the festive season. I do believe in enjoying balance, however I would’ve liked to have made it to the end of the six weeks without socialising and then trying to recover and stay on track whilst dealing with a hangover. 

How are you feeling heading into week 5 of the challenge? Let me know in the comments below!

I can’t wait to see how these final weeks pan out and I hope that you’re all on track as well. I’m so excited to see not only your physical transformation but also the other goals that you set and your ability to smash those too!! 

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Sophie x 

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