Kickstart With Sophie Challenge | Sophie's Week Two Check-In THE BOD

Kickstart With Sophie Challenge | Sophie's Week 2 Check-In

First week down for our Kickstart With Sophie Challenge!  

I set myself some goals that weren’t just based on my physical appearance or change - I wanted to drink 4L a day of water and get in 10,000 steps per day. 

Last week was such a huge one for me. I decided to sit in as a refresher for my NLP practitioner course, plus work, and starting training again, so it meant my time management needed to be impeccable. 4am starts, long days, and night walks were my first 3 days to start the week. 

I had a lot of big work days and a lot of problem-solving to navigate that left me feeling more tired than usual, so I certainly wanted to reach for the ice cream instead of sticking to my goals!

I also had an event on Friday, which meant my entire schedule was out of whack as I couldn’t get my steps in that day - so my average weekly steps came down to 8,000.

In regards to my sleep, I had a breath work session that brought up a lot of emotions and affected my sleep at the beginning of the week also, however I tried to keep grounded with my micro-routines. 

My surgery wounds are still healing, so I am still not able to fully train to plan (just yet) but I hope to see more intensity in my training throughout this second week. 

I also had my second body scan and saw some huge shifts in my body composition, which allowed me to feel really accomplished knowing my hard work was paying off! 

I am looking forward to my next week of the Kickstart With Sophie Challenge and seeing how far I can get in just 6 short weeks!! 

It’s never too late to start, and time will pass whether we start or not. So, day one or one day?

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Sophie x 

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