How To Tweak Your Week Into A Healthy Week

How To Tweak Your Week Into A Healthy Week

Hello and welcome to your introduction to how you'll be leading your life from here on in! You can turn the week you're living right this second into a healthy week with tiny changes. You may be thinking; 'What? I'm not overhauling my lifestyle!', but before you settle on a decision, hear us out first.

Tweaking your week into a healthy one is now simpler than ever. The smallest changes can make the biggest differences, which you'll soon come to realise. Once adapted to these tiny changes, they'll become second nature to you and you won't even remember life before them. These tips are straightforward ways to shift an 'eh' week to an 'ahmaazing' healthy week. Implementing these little tips will make your weeks healthier, happier, BETTER!
So set the wheels in motion and start living your healthier life with these tips!

1.Practise doing nothing

Well not exactly nothing - but take some time out of your day to either meditate, practice yoga or some other form of relaxation. Getting in a bit of zen is incredibly beneficial to your mental health and can make an average week a healthy week with you hardly noticing. So whichever way you achieve tranquility - try getting in a little each day.

2. Plan ahead

Get yourself sorted before the week gets crazy. There are endless lists you can conjure up; grocery lists, workout plans, to do lists, appointment lists, goals and ambitions lists and bucket lists! Writing lists serve as a reminder for little things that can slip your mind, and also keep you accountable.

3. Pack your gym bag and outfits in advance

When you roll over and press snooze for the third time in a row in the morning, rather than locking eyes with an empty floor, you'll see your outfit ready and a-waiting! There is no laundry-related problem that can get in between you and your workout when you prep your outfit in advance! Also pack some essentials that will comfortably live in your gym bag so you're never without them: hair ties, small towels, wipes, water bottle and spare socks.

4. Make life easier with food prep

Even just pre-washing and chopping up some salad ingredients will serve you in the long run. You can also make homemade stock with leftover meat and veg and store them in an ice cube tray in the freezer to pop out whenever you need them. Not only does prepping meals or snacks in tupperware come in handy with saving time - it pushes you to make healthier choices. When healthy options are readily available to go in the fridge or pantry, you're more inclined to grab them and go.

5. Stretch

This one's a dual-benefit tip for you. Post workout aches and pains? Stretch. Sitting at a desk all day? Stretch. Need a second to recalibrate? Stretch.

6. Keep a diary

Reflection is an age-old way in which people store memories. Some of your best days can be relived through pictures and words. The same goes for those lessons learnt. Reflecting on hard times and when things didn't go the way you intended might not be fun at the time - but really push your self-growth.

7. Bring water with you everywhere

Either you forget to stay hydrated or you're just not big on H20. These are both habits that were made to be broken. The benefits to drinking water don't just stop at the physical. Along with a clearer complexion and flushed out toxins, water increases energy and relives fatigue. Imagine how more efficient your week will become with a jug of water by your side! Consistency is always a good thing and following these little tips will not only make your week even more structured, it'll naturally filter into your weekend and have you experiencing week-long healthy days.

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