How To Overcome A Fitness Setback

How To Overcome A Fitness Setback

Fitness setbacks come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe you’ve experienced an injury, illness, change in schedule, or you’ve lost motivation. Whether a setback holds you back for a day, a week, a month, or longer, don’t beat yourself up over it - there are ways to get back on track! The first thing you need to do is acknowledge and accept the setback. Make peace with yourself - these things happen! 

Here’s what you need to focus on moving forward…

Rediscover your ‘why’

Why did you begin exercising in the first place? Do you want to lose weight, get stronger, or does it simply make you feel good? Rediscover your ‘why’ and your reason for working out. Write it down and keep bringing it your attention. This will help to revive your inspiration and motivation. 

Reset your plan

Take time to realign your ‘why’ with your fitness goals. What do you want to achieve in the next week, month, year? Do you want to get back to working out a certain number of times a week? Do you want to reach a certain number of push-ups? Focus on your goals and make a plan to reach them. Don’t overwhelm yourself and aim to reach your goals immediately. Break them down to create small, achievable goals within a reasonable timeframe. A steady pace will make it easier to get your fitness rhythm back. 

Try something new

If you’re tired of your previous workout regime and craving something new, then go for it! Listen to what your body wants and mix things up. Try a new exercise program, or join a fitness challenge. Something new and outside your comfort zone can be exciting and revive your desire to exercise. 

Reach out to your support network

They’re your cheer squad for a reason. Whether it’s your partner, siblings, besties, or online community, reach out and let them know how you’re feeling. It’s likely they’ve experienced a setback at some point in their lives too, so they’ll check in with you, lift you up and help to reignite your fitness spark. 

Get organised

You’ve set your goals and your plan of action. Now it’s time to get organised. Have a clear out and mentally declutter your life and your mind. Dig out your gym bag and your favourite gym gear and have them on standby, ready to go. Set your alarm, take your progress photos, journal, fill out your diary with your workout schedule. 

Don’t be too hard on yourself

The important thing to remember is to never give up. Don’t beat yourself up if you face a fitness setback - embrace it! It’s a chance to start fresh and in the end, you’ll become a stronger person for it. Take this opportunity to learn more about yourself, your body, and your fitness journey. Rediscover your fitness motivation and appreciate the determination and resilience you’ll have after overcoming this setback. You have the ability to overcome this. You've got this, sis.

Have you experienced a fitness setback? How did you overcome it? Leave a comment below or reach out to us @thebod_

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