Gym Anxiety - Tips to Be More Confident in the Gym!

Gym Anxiety - Tips to Be More Confident in the Gym!

How to feel more confident in the gym!

EVERYBODY has a day 1.

We all at one point have taken our first steps into a commercial gym. Every single one of us. This is something we want you to repeat over and over. Everybody starts somewhere. 

Confidence is defined as the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something. In this case, that's YOU! We're here to help you build and own your confidence. Because a confident you, is the best kind of you you can be. Your confidence will translate into your actions, and will inspire those around you.

The gym floor can be daunting, especially when you're new to the space. Here are our top tips to boost your confidence and reduce some of the anxiety that comes with exercising in a more public space.

Give yourself a pep talk

Read some of your favourite inspirational quotes, and pump yourself up. Reflect on the things you've achieved in the past and remember that they were once scary too, but you overcame them anyway. This is just another feat you were destined to achieve. 

Here are some of our favourite motivational quotes at the moment:

• I'm not stopping till I manifest everything I said I would ✨

• Note to self: I'm going to make you so proud 
• Nothing changes if nothing changes! 
• Be messy, and complicated, and afraid, but show up anyway 

Get guidance

If you're new to the gym, we highly recommend that you research and look into the proper technique of exercises. You can refer to online article, or better yet, book in with a coach for some face-to-face coaching. If you don't want to spend the money on a face-to-face session - download THE BOD App ($24.99 p/m) and scour our exercise glossary and 500+ workouts.  Use the videos as a guide for technique and read our step-by-step instructions.  

Get that perfect playlist 

We all have at least a handful of songs that make us feel like a complete badass. THE BOD Spotify Playlist is a must for the drive to the gym, and to keep you pumping throughout your sesh. 

Confidence in your program

A well written program will provide you with your 'plan of attack' at the gym. No second guessing or last minute planning. Keep your program handy in your app, in your phone notes or written on a note pad. Think of it like taking a shopping list to the shops. You'll feel prepared and more efficient. 

Rock up in your favourite gym outfit

Dress yourself in the kit that makes you feel the most confident. Set yourself goals for the gym and reward yourself at a milestone with a new gym top or leggings.

Try out a class 

This is an opportunity to pick up exercise ideas and meet new people. If you're still working your way up to this, you can visit the gym in off-peak hours. 

Boost your confidence and get rid of those pre-gym jitters that don't come from pre-workout! We hope these tips help our squad, and remind you just how powerful you and your mind really are. 

Leave us a comment with your best confidence-boosting suggestion! 👏👏

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