Exercising At Home Made Easy

Exercising At Home Made Easy

Time poor? Need some guidance when it comes to exercising at home and advice on at home workouts? Well this one's for you. Exercising at home is the perfect answer for anyone out there being unable to make it to the gym. It's also the perfect answer to give anyone that uses a lack of time as an excuse. In the words of our co-founder Sophie Guidolin, you make the time.  A busy lifestyle, commitments, kids, work and basically all things life-related can get in the way of working out. These commitments are experienced by everyone at different wavelengths, but there's a distinct difference between the person who works with these commitments and the person who works against them. You are the only one who can be willing to make it work - and do the work. Even if it means getting up before the sun does, squeezing it in a half hour time slot or prioritising fitness over other daily life activities.

The benefits of exercising at home are endless:

  • You can multi-task and split your workout up to fit in with the time you have to spare
  • 24/7 †access to your kitchen for a quick post-workout meal afterwards
  • You can skimp on the gym membership payment
  • There's the the freedom to exercise when you want
  • You have complete control of your environment and can place your equipment and towel wherever you wish!
  • A 15 minute workout can relieve stress and energise you

We cover all different forms of working out at home in THE BOD - but we wanted to give those who aren't following the program an insight into what kind of workouts you can do at home, and how to make the most out of them in this article. The Functional Session in this article is just one of so many sessions that can be followed to break a serious sweat in the confines of your own home. It's important to remember that if the exercises you're doing seem easy, you may not be challenging yourself enough. After burpees, push-ups, air squats, frog squats, sit-ups and handstand holds for five rounds - we expect to see you struggling to catch your breath! Another point to always keep in mind, is that while challenging yourself and working against the clock, you need to perform every move with great technique. Proper form is essential for injury prevention and progress. You can read an extensive explanation of this in our article 'How To Improve Your Technique Effortlessly'.


Functional sessions are a form of cardio that also helps build strength, lean you up, target fat loss and perform cardio all in one.

The steady state cardio you may have heard of or are used to doing is nothing like your next Functional session. Functional sessions will amp up your endurance and make muscles you didn't know existed hurt! Functional Session #6 from MAINTENANCE BOD is a great starting point for anyone working out from home. Start with burpees to get your heart racing, pump out some push-ups to work the upper body, move onto lower body with air squats, change it up and challenge yourself with frog squats, target your core with sit-ups and finally push your limits with a handstand hold.

Can you see how unique these sessions are and how effective they are for the whole body?

Functional Session #6 Take a moment to brainstorm your own home workouts - whether you do it for rounds or for time. Keep record of your results and try and beat them each week! Other movements you can fit into your next at home workout are:
  • Planks
  • Lunges
  • Box Jumps
  • Tuck Jumps
  • Jump Lunges
  • Commandos
  • Jackknife Crunches
  • Wall Balls


Some time combination examples you can incorporate with these moves are: - 6 rounds as fast as you can - Every move for a minute straight for three rounds, and one minute rest between each round - As many rounds as you can in 15 minutes - Complete everything as fast as you can An advantage of THE BOD program that sometimes go unnoticed is the fact that we give our clients a workout plan for at the gym and at home. That's 24 weeks of extensive workouts you can mix and match, follow exclusively and repeat for life. If you'd like some more guidance when it comes to working out at home (and the gym), see our full programs here.


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