Cat's Reset Update - Week 1

Cat's Reset Update - Week 1

Week 1!

Meal prep has honestly saved me from making poor decisions. Seriously, I’m the queen of forgetting to eat until it’s starvation o’clock and I’m just wanting anything. I found that when I meal prep, even if I do forget to eat and am starving all I have to do is choose something from my meal preps. I also have them portioned out already so my greedy stomach doesn’t decide to fill a bowl up which could equal 3-4 serves of something, which in turn just defeats the purpose of meal prepping and sticking to my calorie budgets. 

I am really making sure that I am hitting fruit and vegetable targets as well and I find that this is a super valuable tool that keeps me fuller and satisfied longer. Since now I have had my recommended daily intake of fruit, I have had less cravings. 
The Bod main meals are so delicious and easy to prep, and the app tells me how many servings it makes so simples! 
Moving into week 2 I am focusing on remembering to eat throughout the day and particularly around training, making sure I’m fuelling my body enough before and after training. 
Now I did go out on Friday and drink alcohol and some “playtime” foods and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I don’t feel bad about it because it’s all about balance and I know that throughout the week I’ve looked after myself and one day isn’t the end of everything. I also don’t find it difficult any more to just get back to work after having some fun.

Overall, I’m feeling great about week 1 and can feel the difference in mood and my body with well thought out nutrition.

You can follow my journey @small_steps_for_thebod_ !

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