Booty Band Workout

Booty Band Workout

Ready to amplify your lower body workouts, sis?

Easy to use and great for all levels of fitness, THE BOD Booty Bands are your new best friend when it comes to lifting, toning, and shaping your glutes.

Whether you’re a gym-goer or a home-exerciser, THE BOD Booty Bands will add resistance, intensity, and a burn that you can’t get from any other piece of equipment. Your bands will not only serve as a booty builder, but as a warming up, stretching, isolation and activation tool, too!

Choose a booty band that suits your initial strength and ability. You may decide to choose a light resistance level to begin with and, as you progress and become stronger, then increase to a medium or heavy resistance band.

Get ready to feel the burn with this booty band workout!

Ready? Let’s go, GF!


20 x Banded Hip Thrust

15 x Single Leg Hip Thrust

15 x Donkey Kickback

15 x Clamshell

10 x Banded Crab Walk

Let us know in the comments below how you go!

Find more booty exercises in THE BOD Training Programs and in THE BOD app.

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  • Danielle

    I have looked everywhere and I can’t find where I can purchase bloody bands. Please help!!!!’

    Kind regards Danielle

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