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6 Things Standing In The Way Of Your Fitness Goals

Whether you’ve been working out for days, weeks, months or years, when you don’t see the results you’re after, it’s all too easy to lose motivation with your exercise routine. You’ve lost the fire in your belly and you may be struggling with what to do next. How do you get back on track with your fitness goals? First things first, identify what’s stopped you in your tracks. Here are six of things that could be standing in the way of your fitness goals and what you can do about it.

Negative Thoughts

Your success requires positive thinking. If your mind is overflowing with negative thoughts about your physical abilities, you’ll find it impossible to succeed. Your inner voice is more powerful than you know and what you say to yourself truly matters. Try switching negative words with positive ones, speak to yourself with love and gratitude, and always remind yourself of the progress you have made. You are doing amazing, sis, just keep going. Need a little self-love boost? THE BOD Sticker Pack is a great way to brighten your day and remind yourself daily that you are a BOSS.  

No Routine

Consistency is key. If you don’t make your health and fitness a priority, only squeezing a random workout in here and there, you’re never going to reach your desired results. You may find yourself in the same position - at the starting line - time and time again, with no progress. Determine the number of days and hours you need to work out each week in order to reach your goals and then schedule them into your diary. Not sure where to begin? A structured training program like THE BOD can help. 


If your fitness routine doesn’t excite or inspire you anymore, it’s unlikely to last. It’s time to mix things up. Try a new program, take on a fitness challenge, move your workouts outside, join a fitness class, play a fun workout game, or schedule fitness dates with your friends. See this as a new opportunity to try something new. The ways to move your body are endless - experiment and find what reignites that fitness spark. 

Forgot Your ‘Why’

Remember why you started. Write down why you want to exercise, how you want to feel inside and out, and what you want to achieve. If you don’t write down your goals, they can easily get lost in your thoughts. The key is to set SMART fitness goals, write them down and place them somewhere you’ll see them everyday so you’re continually reminded of them and the progress you’re making. If your goals are fresh in your mind then you’re more likely to stick to your workouts and make them a priority. 


Exercise shouldn’t be a daunting task. If you view fitness as a chore, you’re more likely to avoid it. Switch up your mindset and see exercise as a chance to boost your health and enjoy some ‘me’ time, and don’t forget the amazing post-workout endorphin boost! Exercise has a number of benefits and opens the door to more opportunities. Think about all the things you’re able to enjoy because you’re fit and healthy. Instead of viewing your workout as something you ‘have’ to do, think of it as something you ‘get’ to do. 

Fear Of Failure

You’re only as successful as you believe you can be. You’re worthy and capable of anything - you just have to believe in yourself, sis. Stop doubting and start doing. Stop thinking about what could go wrong and instead start thinking about what could go right. If you are continually comparing your journey to another’s then stop immediately and remember that they had to start somewhere too - you can’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. Call time on your inner critic, stop comparing yourself to others, embrace and overcome the fear. 


If you’re experiencing any of the above, it’s ok. There are several ways to overcome a fitness setback. This is only temporary. Instead of beating yourself up about it, simply look forward to your next workout and get back on track. You’ve got this, sis!

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