5 x Dinner Ideas for Less Than $6 Per Serve

5 x Dinner Ideas for Less Than $6 Per Serve

Cheap eats? 100% Quick family dinners? We got you. Macro-friendly? They certainly are.

Here are some easy weeknight dinners for the family or meal prep ideas for your week ahead.

These are our favourite dinner ideas for your weekdays that cost less than $6 per serve! Weeknight dinners just got a whole lot more exciting.

We hear you when you say time and money are at the top of your list when it comes to navigating through your BOD journey! Each recipe in this blog serves four - so you can feed the family, or give yourself lunches for the entire week.
Our top weeknight dinners for less than $6 per serve!

Dinner Idea #1 - Meatless Monday!
Ginger Quinoa Nasi Goreng $5.85 per serve 

Dinner Idea #2 - Simple and tasty
Thai Chicken Meatballs with Coconut Rice $4.09 per serve 

Dinner Idea #3 - Fresh!
Mexican Lettuce Cups $3.74 per serve 

Dinner Idea #4 - A classic with a twist
Chicken Schnitzels with Zucchini Chips $4.35 per serve

Dinner Idea #25 - Fish and chips, anyone?
Crumbed Barramundi with Sweet Potato Fries $5.13 per serve 


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Ingredient prices may vary from store to store. We've calculated these servings based off the amount of ingredients used during the seasonal period this blog has been written. We've excluded kitchen staples - think salt, pepper, spices, oil and flour.

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