Project You Check In

Firstly thank you for your patience with me whilst I try and streamline these processes for you all. I am so, so grateful, I genuinely want you to succeed, I appreciate you are here SO much!
The more allergies/ dsilikes you have the less variety you will have in your plan, so please keep that in mind when updating these details.
Each plan is worked out with a 0.5-07g difference across the week- averaged out- this allows for variations in recipes (and is sometimes referred to as a reseed day).
If you choose to eat out, that is a personal preference- depending on your goal. I will provide you with best practice, you can then decide what is right for you. I want you to have ownership. The best way to do this is click ‘eat out’ and track this in the log. 
Some of the FAQs- for example "can I have coffee?" etc- most are actually in the email I sent with your nutrition plans, can you please confirm you received these and can see the info? 
You will be asked to submit your check in progress 14 days after you have signed up for Project You, you will receive this notification automatically, no need to contact us about that. This needs to be done via your dashboard login. You will receive a notification to update both you nutrition and workout progress and preferences. If this is not submitted via your dashboard login unfortunately I won't receive the details.
Any meal plan updates required will be done after you have completed your check in via your dashboard notification. Please be aware that once you submit this update you won't be able to access your current meal plan - if you do not want to loose access to your current meal plan- don’t click this- contact me via email instead.
Please ensure that the same email that you purchased from is what you email on- so I know. You will receive a response to any questions via email, not via DM's. Please only email with any questions you have
Any support- please email 
I hope this helps clear up anything that wasn’t super clear- also sorry (2 hours sleep and the cleaner came mid live!) hahaha 
Sophie xxx