Why What You Tell Yourself Matters

Why What You Tell Yourself Matters

The key to opening your mind, and unlocking the best version of yourself, is to realise just how strong your inner voice - your subconscious mind - truly is.

You unknowingly hold such immense power in your mind, sis.

From the moment you wake up, to the time that you lay your head down to rest, you have talked yourself through that whole day! The question is, was the voice behind your actions negative or positive?

You see, people can be cruel, but your mind can be crueler. Your mind is the home to all your past trauma, limiting beliefs, self-doubt and expectations.

We all have them. These thoughts are extremely real, and they can be extremely cruel and mean.

With no guidance, subconsciously, your inner voice could be the very thing holding you back from happiness, relationships and ultimately, success in your life. It’s the source of demotivation - the limiting belief stopping you from doing that workout, or telling you that you can’t achieve that last rep.

But the good news is, sis, you can consistently work on shaping your inner voice to become an empowering, motivating, and inspiring place for you and your thoughts.

Here's how you can transform your inner voice into a positive place:

  • Recognise your thoughts
  • It’s safe to assume, you might want to dismiss those negative thoughts that come into your mind, at times.

    Surprisingly enough, we believe in practicing the opposite route.

    There is a reason why your thoughts are there. Just like there is a reason why they come back. Dismissing your negative thoughts does not do anything except prolong their return.

    Instead, try and take note when a thought that doesn’t serve you comes into your head.

    Why is it there? What purpose does this thought have?

     The first step to overcoming is to identify.

  • Basic Belief Vs Positive Belief
  • A very useful way to identify what your inner voice is saying is to write down your basic beliefs. Meaning, how you deeply and truly feel about certain segments of your life.

    “Health” - Your belief,

    “Fitness” - Your belief,

    “Money” - Your belief, 

    “Relationships” - Your belief,

    “Career” - Your belief 

    Be as transparent and honest as you can be during this exercise. List out however many categories you need to - but do so with full intentions on being vulnerable.

    Truthfully, it can be scary when seeing your honest answers - and yet, it could also be eye-opening. It can be surprising to see what your inner voice was saying all along.

    Doing this allows you to really see what you might’ve been telling yourself behind the scenes.

    Reality is, these thoughts might’ve been steering your life decisions towards certain directions.

    It’s time to end that. Now, we transform these thoughts positively.

    Write down the positive belief to each basic belief that you have. How would you want to feel about each one? Go through carefully.

    For example, new positive beliefs could now be :

    • Money - Money is a mind frame. Money will always come back to me. There is enough for everyone. There is enough for me. I am enough.
    • Relationships - Abundance is love. Knowing my worth is love. As long as I love myself, no one can truly hurt me.
    • Career - Happiness is success. Being happy makes my family happy. Doing what I love is my life goal.

    As you can see, transforming your negative thoughts into positive thoughts is an extremely beautiful, powerful thing.

    You can do this exercise at any point in time. Writing it out on paper gets you started, but this is a practice that you should implement whenever you hear negative talk coming through.

    Try keeping 5 affirmations or positive motivation quotes on hand that you can have whenever a negative thought sneaks through. Combat it with positivity and watch as your happiness strengthens.

    There are many incredibly powerful reasons why how you talk to yourself is so important. Your inner talk is the captain of your ship. It’s essential that you work on your subconscious voice daily.

    Do things that allow you to check in and make sure that the message you are telling yourself daily is a positive one.

    Remember, we're always here to help you, GF! Reach out to us in the comments below, on socials, or in THE BOD Facebook Community.

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