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Sophie's Epic Leg Workout

Ready to sweat, sis? 💦 Coming up for today’s workout...

A circuit of:

20 reps for 5 rounds

(As this is not a fast paced race - really focus on the slow, controlled movements of this session!)

👉🏼Dumbbell Romanian Lunges
These are my favourite little burners! Aim for a tempo of 3-4 on the decline and 2 on the way up, squeezing your glutes!

👉🏼Goblet Squats
Slow these ones down and really focus on your abductors as you squeeze up!

👉🏼Reverse Lunges
Leaning slightly forward, with your back leg balancing you- aiming for a tempo of 3 on the way down and 2 on the way back up!

👉🏼Kettlebell Swings
As you can see here, these actually DO target the gluten heavily when executed correctly!



Let us know in the comments below how you go!

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