Pre-Workout Snacks To Fuel Your Training

Pre-Workout Snacks To Fuel Your Training

There’s a lot of pre-workout products, opinions and promises out there – from giving you ‘more power’ to ‘enhanced focus’ to ‘get stronger’ ‘without jitters’.

The truth? Whole foods will fuel your training – and won’t give you the jitters or make your heart race! 

Here are our top pre-workout snacks. 


We love our coffee, and we love it even more after research showed that our beloved drink can increase metabolism, increase focus and improve performance.
Just don’t drink it too late in the day if you’re sensitive to caffeine, and don’t slug back multiple shots for maximum effect. You’ll just irritate your gut and fry your nervous system.

Rice cakes, tuna and avo

Carbs, protein, fat in a snack you can eat in one hand – winning. Add cracked salt and pepper and even some hot sauce for an extra kick.
Choose tuna in springwater to keep the fat content down.

Greek yoghurt with honey and nuts

Protein from the yoghurt plus probiotics for a healthy tummy, carbs for energy and fats from the nuts – it sounds like dessert but is a great pre-training snack.

Eggs on toast

Scrambled, poached or boiled with sourdough or wholemeal toast. This is a snack that fills like a meal and will give you more than enough power for the heaviest lifts.

Protein shake with banana

The slow release carbs in the banana coupled with the potassium help to fill your body’s energy stores while the protein aids in muscle recovery.
This one requires a little trial and error though – if protein shakes leave you bloated, you’ll want to allow ample time before training or perhaps try a lactose-free blend.
If your session involves a run or HIIT workout, you don’t want a belly full of liquid sloshing about.

What has been your favourite pre-workout snack or meal this Restart?

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