Macros Cheat Sheet 🍎 | FREE PDF

Macros Cheat Sheet 🍎 | FREE PDF

You guys LOVED the macro cheat sheet over on our Instagram, so we thought we'd share it here for you and explain the cheat sheet in more detail.

So why is this graphic useful for flexible dieters?

The foundation for flexible dieting requires adherence to a set ratio of macronutrients; protein, carbohydrates, and fats. This is followed by the responsibility to also include micronutrient-dense foods for your overall wellbeing. This combination has proven to be our most effective method for THE BOD community for achieving results. Regardless whether it be fat loss, muscle gain or weight maintenance!


When your main focus is hitting macro targets and your success relies heavily on this, cheat sheets like these are super handy to refer to. The overlapping in the cheat sheet symbolises foods that contain a combination of macros. For example: protein and carbs. The stand-alone areas are foods that are made up entirely or mainly of one macronutrient.

This kind of graphic helps you to develop an understanding of what makes up food so you can eat accordingly. Want the cheat sheet? Scroll down and register your email to get it sent to your inbox!👇

Why each macronutrient is important.

In the years and years of clients and testing trials we have gone through, very rarely have we needed to restrict a whole macronutrient group. Each macronutrient serves an important purpose. In short, protein is important as it plays a crucial role in the preservation and development of lean muscle mass. Carbohydrates are our go-to energy source and fats play a leading role in reproductive hormones and reproductive system (in particular, for females).

This kind of graphic helps you to develop an understanding of what makes up food so you can eat accordingly.

Cheat Sheet

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Want to learn more about flexible dieting?

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