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How To Start Running

With the weather warming up, it’s time to lace up and get active outside.

Maybe running is something you’ve been thinking about for a while, but you're worried about being slow, unsteady on your feet or simply, concerned that you'll be counting the milliseconds on your fitness tracker? First off, know you're not alone. Secondly, we’ve rounded up some top tips to make running your thing, sharpish.

  • Start slowly

Whatever your starting point and whatever your goal – you’ll get there. This isn’t a race. You need to start slow to build up your stamina, reduce the risk of injury, and keep your motivation at peak level. Don’t rush your progress - stay consistent and you will reach your goals.

Try this:

1 minute of running, 1 minute of walking and repeat 10 times. That’s a 20-minute workout. Try and do this two more times in a week. But keep the intensity low.

Not yet up to 1 minute of running? Embrace the run/walk technique. The new Run program in The Bod App will help you gradually work towards running 5k in 6 weeks. The plan involves 3 runs a week, with rest days and also a functional session to keep your muscle strength through the program. Available on iOS and Android.

  • Invest in running shoes

There are so many different brands of running shoes (not to mention styles and designs), it can feel overwhelming.

Incorrect footwear can throw your body out of alignment so it’s important to find the right fit for your feet. After all, they’re the essential piece of equipment in running so you need to look after them properly! If in-store, ask a shop assistant for help. If shopping online, read and make sense of descriptions rather than rely on the colourway to inform your selection. That way, you’ll invest in a shoe that can carry you safely through training.

  • Invest in a supportive sports bra

Did you know that your boobs can move up to 14cm when you run? In doing so, this can strain ligaments and cause a loss of elasticity. To protect your puppies, invest in a sports bra that’s properly designed to handle the movement. First off, you need support, but secondly, cotton will hold sweat – putting you at risk of chafing. Choose sweat-wicking synthetic fabrics.

  • Focus on form

Everyone runs differently, but focusing on good form from the start of your journey will prevent injuries further down the line.

Remember to relax. Mentally check in from time to time to see where your shoulders, jaw, forehead, wrists and fingers are – if they’re up under your ears, you’re too tense. Let them drop. 

Run with a slight brace in your core to create some protective tension. Actually push your elbow back slightly as that same knee goes forward. Especially for heavier runners and beginners, you need to combat a lot of upper-body rotation because you haven’t yet got the coordination between the upper and lower body. 

  • Set realistic goals

We're all about setting SMART goals. It’s tempting to hit the miles fast and hard as you begin your plan, but remember the first few weeks are aimed at building a foundation. Ease yourself in and play for the long game, as it’s the consistency that will get you that PB

  • Find your tribe

According to Strava, those who exercise in groups last 10 per cent longer and cover 21 per cent more distance than those who go it alone. Grab your besties for a morning park run or sign up to a running club that progresses a weekly long run. This will help you build up your distance.

  • Get App happy

There are so many running apps out there designed to support you through the earliest stages of your running journey. They’ll provide you with the support, tips and motivation you need to achieve your running goals and boost endurance. To get started, try our brand new Run program in The Bod App. Start your free trial today and let us know what you think!

Ready to lace up? Let’s go!

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