How To Activate Your Glutes

How To Activate Your Glutes

Before you strengthen, you need to ACTIVATE. 

Activation is recommended by professionals not only in the weightlifting realm, but across many other fitness activities and sports. You wouldn't run a 200m sprint without warming up beforehand, so why dive straight into a heavy exercise without doing the same?

Correct warm-up and activation techniques improve the effectiveness of your workout and is a form of priming the body to help prevent injuries. 

Activation is one of the most effective ways to prep the muscles ready to be targeted. Like stretches, muscle activation drills increase the flow of blood and nutrients to your muscles to improve flexibility and get you fired up for your workout.

By applying a low level of resistance to your muscles, activations make the neurons that control them more sensitive. So when you get into your strength workout, those muscles automatically fire with greater intensity.

Many gym goers today suffer from inactive glutes. This is due to underusing these muscles through desk jobs and minimal physical activity throughout the day! By setting aside a few minutes prior to your booty session, you can train with peace of mind knowing you’re recruiting your glute muscles.

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Glute activation focuses on actively feeling and mentally focusing on the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus through taking the glutes through a range of exercises.

The Gluteus Maximus:

  • Bodyweight squats with/without bands
  • Walking lunges
  • Bodyweight hip thrusts

The Gluteus Medius:

  • Banded clamshells
  • Abductor machine
  • Crab walks

The Gluteus Minimus:

  • Banded kickbacks
  • Reverse hypers
  • Banded cha chas

Give this lower body activation a go on your next leg day and unlock your muscles’ full potential. As a result, you’ll reap greater strength and conditioning benefits!

Try these 5 exercises to get that peach pumped and ready to go!

Are you warming up and activating your muscles before your workout, sis?

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