Pendlay Row

Target Area: Upper Body 

Equipment: Barbell, Weight Collars, Weight Plates

  1. Position yourself in front of the loaded barbell with your hips set backwards behind your heels and your upper body bent over your toes. 
  2. Grip the bar with a pronated grip just outside of your shins.
  3. Take the slack out of the bar by creating tightness in your back muscles and creating tension in your hamstrings.
  4. Set your shoulder blades backwards and downwards.
  5. Pull the bar vertically towards your waistline by bending your elbows backwards and slightly extending your hips. Ensure you keep the barbell close to your body and row into your hips.
  6. Lower the bar back to the floor by lengthening your arms, ensuring that you maintain tightness through your back and keep a straight torso. This is one repetition.



Increase the weight of the plate or number of repetitions.


Decrease the weight of the plate or number of repetitions.


Seated Cable Row