Close Grip Pulldown

Target Area: Upper Body 

Equipment: Close Grip Handle Attachment, Pulldown Machine

  1. Adjust the knee pads so that your feet are pressed firmly against the ground. Ensuring you’re using a close grip handle attachment, grip the bar and sit with an upright posture. 
  2. Draw your shoulder blades downwards and backwards, creating a slight arch in your chest and keeping your chin elevated. 
  3. Pull the bar towards your chest by firstly drawing your shoulder blades together, then bending your elbows.
  4. Lean back slightly to allow the bar to come down to your chest. Control the weight back up and return to the full upright position. Try not to swing too far. This is one repetition



Increase the weight on the machine or number of repetitions.


Decrease the weight on the machine or number of repetitions. 


Close Grip Pull-Up