T&Cs: Once-Off Nutrition Only Plans

T&Cs:  Once-Off Nutrition Only Plans 

Access and Duration:

  • Once you purchase the Once-Off Nutrition Plan, you will have access to the platform for 15 days. This period is designed to give you ample time to download, utilise, and integrate your custom meal plans into your routine.

What Is the Minimum Commitment?

  • Unlike our other coaching services, which require an 8-week minimum commitment, the Once-Off Nutrition Plan is a standalone offering with no ongoing commitment.

Meal Plan Details:

  • The Once-Off Nutrition Plan includes 7 customised single-day meal plans tailored to your specific macros, dietary preferences, and goals. This flexible setup allows you to switch between any of the meal plans as you like—for example, you might choose to follow option 1 for three days, then switch to option 2 for another three days, and so on. This approach is designed to maximise your budget and time while delivering the best possible results.

Plan Changes:

  • After receiving your meal plan, you have 24 hours to request any adjustments. Please send your request to the coaching email, and you will be entitled to one round of updates for your once-off plan.

Use of Platform:

  • As this service is provided through a hosted platform, please ensure that you manage your time effectively within the 15-day access period to make the most of your custom meal plans.

These terms and conditions are crafted to ensure clarity prior to purchasing.