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Sweet Ways To Sneak More Protein Into Your Day 

We want you to be your strongest, healthiest and happiest self which is why it’s important to fuel your bod with nourishing foods that keep you powering on, no matter what the day throws your way. You've probably heard that protein is an important nutrient to eat every day. 

High-protein foods are essential when it comes to supporting your health and fitness goals. Our bodies need protein to function so it’s important to get enough of it! While our bodies need micronutrients like vitamins and minerals in smaller amounts, protein is something we need in larger quantities. Many protein-rich foods also contain other vital nutrients, such as B group vitamins, selenium, choline, phosphorus, zinc, copper, vitamin D, vitamin A, and vitamin E. Eating enough protein throughout your day ensures more satisfying food choices that will help you feel energised and stay fuller for longer—which may also help minimise between-meal grazing.

But how exactly do you add more protein to your day? The good news is that you don’t need to keep guzzling down boring protein shakes throughout the day to hit your protein target. There are plenty of other easy, fun and delicious ways to sneak more protein into your day and keep you crushing goals.

From pancakes to ice cream, we’ve got you covered with some seriously yummy high-protein recipes!

 Pink Protein Pancakes | Free Recipe | THE BOD

Not only do these taste delish and look AMAZING, but they’re packed with a whopping 25g of protein per serve too! Get it, gurl! Get the recipe here

 Chocolate Protein Mousse Recipe | Blog | THE BOD

Creamy, chocolatey, and guilt-free - now that sounds like our kind of dessert! Super easy to make, this dairy free and protein-packed chocolate mousse is guaranteed to be a family favourite in your household. Five ingredients is all it takes to make this silky, melt-in-the-mouth, chocolatey goodness. Get the recipe here

 Berry Banana Smoothie Recipe THE BOD

Packed with goodness and ridiculously tasty, this smoothie recipe will help keep you energised and satisfied any time of the day. Get the recipe here. 

 Strawberry Nicecream Free Recipe | THE BOD

Any excuse to eat ice cream, right? You wouldn’t even know this delish dessert was healthy if we didn’t tell you. Quick, simple and protein-packed, it’s sure to be a winner in your house. 

Get the recipe here

Green Smoothie Bowl Recipe THE BOD

Perfect for the warmer days! Not only does this baby taste like heaven in a bowl, but it's fully loaded with goodness, too! Easy to whip up in minutes, it's the perfect go-to for a healthy breakfast, afternoon snack, or as pre-workout fuel. Get the recipe here. 

 Happy Hormones Protein Balls Recipe | THE BOD

These protein balls are not only delicious, but they're perfect for on the go, as a midday snack or as pre- or post- workout fuel! 

Get the recipe here. 

Other quick ways to add more protein is to add some protein powder into your overnight oats or mixed in with your favourite Greek yoghurt and topped with some fresh berries!

How much protein you need each day depends on your activity level. If you’re at the sedentary, less active end of the scale, you will require less protein due to less repair work needed. Whereas if you have a very active and intense lifestyle, a higher protein intake is recommended to repair body tissues and aid muscle growth. Typically, the sweet spot of daily intake is around 1.5-2.5g of protein per kilogram of total body weight. Adequate protein intake works hand in hand with a structured training program, giving your body the tools it needs to recover, progress and ultimately lead to those lean muscle gains you’re after.

Did you know you can determine your macros using our FREE Macro Calculator? Our macro calculator uses our tried and tested formulas to determine custom macros relevant to your activity level and lifestyle. Taking your personal preferences, fitness level, and abilities into consideration, the calculator is an accurate means of finding out the perfect calorie and macronutrient breakdown for you and your goals.

While protein powder isn’t essential to your diet, especially if you are eating a whole food diet and eating enough, it can be beneficial if you are struggling to hit your daily protein intake and/or want an added protein boost in your smoothies or foods. 

For more high-protein recipes, head on over to THE BOD app or check out our new High-Protein Weeknight Meals digital recipe book!

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