Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

It’s time to treat your mama! 

Let’s be real, sis. It’s never a bad time to let mum know how much you appreciate her and everything she’s done for you - from her days of chauffeuring you and your girls around to now, when she texts you videos of dad and the family dog to brighten your morning. But with the big day approaching (May 9), what better way to show her how much you care this Mother’s Day than by investing in her health and wellness?

Trying to find the right gift for the Queen in your life can be difficult (there’s only so many flowers and choccy combos out there). But that’s where we come in, GF!  

We've got you covered with options for every type of mum, from the foodies to the fitness fiends. Show her how much you care with a fitness-centric gift that not only will she love, but will inspire her to keep pushing and reaching her health and fitness goals - from self-love reminders, delicious and nutritious recipes, to fitness tools to help smash her workouts!

Read on for BOD Founder Sophie Guidolin’s top 5 gifts for active mums that'll make you the favourite child this year (and every year). We got you, sis!

Sophie’s Top 5 Picks For Mother’s Day


  1. THE BOD Fuel
  • Full of 80+ mouthwatering dishes that can be prepped and frozen, shared with the entire family, and adapted to suit dietary needs, this go-to recipe book will be right at home in mum’s kitchen. A huge variety to suit every taste, including breakfast, bites, lunch, pre-workout boosters and dinner recipes.

Self Love Stickers

  1. Self-Love Sticker Pack
  • Give her the love she deserves every time she looks in the mirror. It’s time to brighten mum’s day with THE BOD Self-Love Sticker Pack! Each pack includes five removable vinyl stickers with uplifting, motivating and fearless quotes to remind her daily that she is BOSS! Easy to peel, strong stick, and completely removable with no messy residue left behind, they’re the perfect self-love boost for mirrors, walls, notebooks, fridges, or wherever a little reminder is needed! 

THE BOD Meal Planner

  1. Meal Prep Planner
  • The one gift every mother truly wants? Time. Now, we don’t have magical superpowers to stop the clock (we wish!) but we do have this handy planner to help turn a busy week into a stress free one in an instant - saving time and money! Easy-to-use, convenient, with space for meals and snacks, this planner allows mum to prepare for the week ahead - simply scribble on, tear off and stick to the fridge!

  1. Nutrition & Training Programs (Print Editions)
  • Surprise mum with the ultimate nutrition and training combo that will help her smash health and fitness goals in 6 weeks with fun and effective workouts, activation and stretching guides, hundreds of nutritious recipes, meal plans, plus expert advice and guidance. Three training guides available - Level 1, 2, or 3 - ready to suit any lifestyle and fitness level.

THE Bod Gym Bag

  1. Gym Bag + Hip Thrust Pad
  • We all know mum’s have some sort of magical ability to carry a million things at once (they are superwomen, after all), but now she can transport everything with ease in a stylish gym bag that’s perfect for on the go! Purpose built, with custom BOD mesh and plenty of space and compartments, it’s large enough to carry all her gym essentials. It’s also the ideal size for transporting her new Hip Thrust Pad - perfect for making hip thrusts, and other exercises, easier and more comfortable to perform.

Which gift(s) will you be spoiling mum with this year? Let us know below!

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