The Benefits Of A 30 Day Challenge

The Benefits Of A 30 Day Challenge

Imagine yourself in 30 days from now. You’re healthier, fitter, proud of your progress and discipline and more motivated than ever to keep it up. This could be you. All it takes is 30 days.

30 day challenges are popular methods to kickstart a health and fitness journey. If you struggle with motivation or you’re guilty of starting and stopping your workout program or diet plan - a 30 day challenge might be what you need for a push in the right direction. If you need a little bit more convincing, here are the benefits of a 30 day challenge.

  1. New healthy habits

The famous Aristotle quote still rings true today: ‘we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

What do you repeatedly do? Do you exercise, eat healthy, sleep, take care of yourself? If you have healthy habits, you are healthy. A 30 day challenge is the best way to create some new healthy habits.

Plus, by repeating the same habits for 30 days straight, you are more likely to ingrain them into your daily routine. After 30 days of habit forming, it’ll be part of your routine, garnering long term, sustainable success.

  1. A little competition

A 30 day challenge is essentially a competition. The prize being a sense of achievement, pride and of course - improved health. Humans are designed to excel in competition, it’s part of our intrinsic nature! A study published in the journal Preventative Medicine Reports, found that competition is the best workout motivation, improving adherence and health outcomes.

  1. Do it with a friend

The best part about a 30 day challenge is that you don’t have to do it alone! Encourage one of your friends, colleagues or family members to do it with you. Studies show that exercising with a friend or in a group improves performance, increases exercise intensity and the frequency of workouts. Another study published in 2012 found that exercising with a partner can increase your workout time and intensity by up to 200 percent. This is the same for diet challenges - you’ll be more likely to see it through if you have someone holding you accountable.

  1. You’ll get fitter

One of the most appealing aspects of a 30 day challenge is that you’ll get fitter and healthier! If you’re struggling with your weight or aerobic fitness, making a 30 day commitment can turn your health around. This will give you the boost you need to make it a permanent lifestyle change.

  1. Try before you buy

Let’s say you sign up to do a 30 day weight loss challenge at a fitness studio. You’re essentially trying out their approach to weight loss, to see if you like it and if it’s effective. If you’re new to fitness, it’s a good way to deepen your understanding to build a solid foundation.

It’s clear that 30 day challenges are extremely beneficial. If you’re looking for some motivation to get your fitness journey up and running - use this as a sign to take the first step.