Vegan Recipe Collection: Free Download

Vegan Recipe Collection: Free Download

Calling all #BODSquad members who LOVE delicious, quick and convenient recipes...which happen to be vegan as well.

From 3-Ingredient Brownies… to Teriyaki Tempeh... to a meat-free version of Chilli Carne… this collection is perfect for the training vegan, or any of you looking to incorporate meat-free days in your week. 

You guys have been requesting vegan-specific recipes for a longgg time, and meal plans dedicated to a vegan diet. Well we’re one step closer with our first complete VEGAN COLLECTION 🌿 

We hope you just love our new VEGAN RECIPE COLLECTION. 

Download it now here!

If you enjoy this recipe collection it, please share your love in THE BOD Restart forum and let us know if you’d be interested in a full 12-week vegan meal plan in THE BOD App!

If you absolutely do love it, you can now get this entire recipe collection integrated into your app too for only $9.99. Just head to the SHOP tab in your app and purchase it there!   

So, why vegan?

We understand there is a growing need for more and more vegetarian and vegan recipes not just from THE BOD, but in recipe books, restaurants and grocery stores. There is a general lack of more readily available plant-based ingredients and foods, and we want to show you that there are ways around this.

Going meat-free at least once per week is economical, environmentally friendly and easy to incorporate into your lifestyle. 

Here are some tips to making going meat-free as easy as ever:

  • Buy frozen veg to bulk up stir-fries, fried rices and pastas
  • Use our macro cheat sheet to get yourself acquainted with plant-based sources of protein, carbs and fats. Get it here >
  • Keep long shelf life items at the ready like lentils, kidney beans and chickpeas

What recipe from the vegan collection are you going to try first? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below about our new addition of plant-based goodness!

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