How to workout recipe macros | FREE eBOOK

How to workout recipe macros | FREE eBOOK



Ever wondered how it's possible to track a recipe that makes more than one serve?

9 times out of 10, when preparing a recipe, you will require more than one serving.

For starters, if you're taking the time to prep, cook and dish up a meal, you want it to yield more than one serve. This could be so you have meals for the next couple of days, enough serves for your dinner party, or a portion for everyone in the family. 

When multiple serves come into the equation, how can you accurately ensure each person is getting the same amount of each ingredient? And how do you ensure each person is consuming the same amount of protein? What if somebody wants more than a single serve?

These are some of the questions we will answer for you in our latest downloadable, How to workout macros in recipes!

We explain how to approach tracking a recipe accurately in layman's terms so you can broaden your knowledge in tracking for the long term, plus, you get a free recipe from our best-selling recipe book, THE BOD Fuel!  

Download your free copy of "How to workout macros in recipes" here!

Feeling confused?

If you're new to tracking, we've got the perfect blog for you.
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