Chocolate 5 Ways | Delicious Recipes

Chocolate 5 Ways | Delicious Recipes

Who doesn't LOVE chocolate? 

Chocolate doesn't need to be cut out of your meal plan... at least not with THE BOD!

We've got a collection of delish, dessert-worthy recipes that will satisfy any possible cravings that may be creeping in at Week 9! 

You'll find our 5-minute energy shake full of mineral-rich cacao, to our choc banana overnight oats that will become your new go-to breakfast!

We have an endless collection of desserts in our recipe books. We've also got breaky, lunch and dinner chapters that will fit int your meal plan perfectly. Until November 4, you can get THE BOD Fuel and THE BOD Bites at 30% off using the code EASYDINNERS 

Let's get to the good stuff! 5 of our FAVE chocolate recipes.

Chocolate Recipe #1 
Cacao Energy Shake from THE BOD Fuel

Chocolate Recipe #2
Cookie Dough Protein Balls from THE BOD Bites

Chocolate Recipe #3
Cacao Puffs from THE BOD Bites

Chocolate Recipe #4
Choc Banana Overnight Oats from THE BOD App

Chocolate Recipe #4
Chocolate Berry Pikelets from THE BOD Bites


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What recipe are you going to try first? Let us know in the comments and don't forget to tag us in your recreation on Instagram @thebod_

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