Simone's Transformation Story | Interview with THE BOD

Simone's Transformation Story | Interview with THE BOD

To be a Bod athlete, there are just a few requirements.
You'll need a body, and the drive to succeed.
That's it.

You don't need experience in training, or the knowhow to nutrition. Just ambition for change.
It's this passion for your transformation that connects Bods all over the world and shapes our incredible community.

An Ambassador for The Bod and just one of thousands of women globally who have beaten the odds, transformed their lives and share their stories with us is Simone Harbinson.

Her story has been covered by the media a hundred times over.
BUT, we wanted to get our own insight and Simone's perspective on all things The Bod and her new lifestyle.

Over 20kgs down, an entirely new mindset, an inspiration to so many and there's no slowing her down yet!

Keep reading for the interview...

When did your journey start, and how long has it been?

My journey started 12 months ago when I found The Bod program.

As a poster girl for men and women worldwide with theirs odds against them,
what advice do you have to offer those beginning their journey on The Bod?


My advice would be to trust the program and to have consistency throughout your journey. Consistent action creates consistent results.

What inspired you to start The Bod? Was there a lightbulb moment?

I was looking through my Instagram feed and Sophie Guidolin popped up. I scrolled through her page and was SO inspired.
She really resonated with me being you're everyday, busy working mum.
I then read she had released her own 12 week nutrition and training programs and signed up then and there.

After overcoming obstacles in the past that once seemed giant and scary, how do you see them now?

I still see them as giant and scary when I look back now as it was a really really tough time in my life.
I'm still not sure where the fight came from to get through that difficult time because with each new day brought another set back and whole new challenge to overcome.

What does a day in the life of Simone entail?

A day in the life of Simone looks a little something like this:

5.30am wake up, 5km walk
7am brings the breakfast rush, getting the kids up, fed, dressed, bags packed, ready for school then I shower and throw on a load of washing.
8.30am we leave the house, school drop offs then onto work.
9.30-3pm working as an office manager in an accounting firm.
3.30pm school pick up, home for a quick snack and get the kids ready for whatever sport they have on that afternoon.
4pm I go too the gym to do weights
5pm take the kids to sport
6pm get dinner organised, lunches sorted for the next day, animals fed, homework, readers, hang out washing. etc etc

I try and crawl into bed by 8.30pm watch something on Netflix with hubby then sleeeeep.
Throw in some grocery shopping and meal prep days and you could say my days are organised chaos!

How do you deal with the 'naysayers' who have questioned your journey in the past or negativity that comes your way?

Honestly? Really, really difficult to begin with. It's a little easier now as I tend to just ignore, delete and block any negativity.

Although it was such a small thing in my head to put myself out there and share my journey,
I was still super nervous and to then to have strangers question my authenticity.
It often had me second guessing myself and questioning my reasonings why I began sharing my journey in the first place.

Then I look back at the trials and tribulations that I have been through and overcome and if sharing my journey inspires at least one person then my job is done.

Do you have any advice for those who can only focus on nutrition?

Be 110%. Nutrition is key and if you are unable to get your body moving in any way you must have your nutrition under control.
Focus all your energy on feeding your body correctly.
And finally...

What has been your favourite part of your journey so far?

So much!
Proving to myself I can continue to do anything I set my mind to, the self achievement, being comfortable in my own skin,
strengthening my mind and body, being disciplined  and motivated by my own results and last but certainly not least, The Bod Squad.
The support is infectious. I feel like I have a purpose being apart of such a community. Sophie truly has created something special.


Simone followed The Bod One nutrition only and lost over 20kgs through consistency and persistence.
Injury and health issues were not going to hold her back!

You can achieve your goals no matter the barriers standing in your way.

Shop the program today. 

Follow Simone on Instagram here.


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<img src=“Meal Prep.jpg" alt=“The Bod, Clean Eating, Nutrition Program”><img src=“Meal Prep.jpg" alt=“The Bod, Clean Eating, Delicious”>
<img src=“Meal Prep.jpg" alt=“The Bod, Clean Eating, Yum”> <img src=“Meal Prep.jpg" alt=“The Bod, Clean Eating, Yummy”>


Absolutely anyone can do it. The proof is in the pudding - or more, the proof is in these photos right here.
Simone's success story is incredibly straightforward.
She had obstacles, but she also had a goal.
So regardless, she meal prepped, patiently waited, stuck to her program and paved her way to the new Simone!

What're you waiting for? Start competing with the person staring back at you in the mirror. Be your own success story.