Leah's Bod Journey - postpartum weight loss, exercise and more.

Leah's Bod Journey - postpartum weight loss, exercise and more.

Leah is an inspirational Ambassador of The Bod.

She keeps it real and loves sharing her story with the world, from her postpartum weight loss, following The Bod with her husband, and more.
Leah stumbled across our program after dipping her toes into possible overhauling a poor diet.
The Bod started to pop up on her social media and she almost didn't believe there was rice, burgers, and banana bread in the meal plan!
Today. her progress photos have inspired thousands, and she's sharing her third pregnancy with us while following The Bod.

This is her story.

I'm Leah, 29 years old, Mother of Two from Melbourne.
I have been doing The Bod program for about 15 months; beginning in June 2016, when my son, Harper had just turned two and my daughter, Lenni was 6 months old.

After two great, healthy and active pregnancies; I found that I gained more weight during the newborn phase than any other time.
Lenni was not a great sleeper during this phase and the sleep deprivation, hormones and emotions were overwhelming me.
I was not looking after my body, even though I was working out 3-4 times per week; I couldn't keep up with forward thinking my meals and snacks and I was continuing to gain weight in all the wrong areas, all the while feeling worse and worse emotionally and physically.

Breastfeeding; for me, did not shed the weight! In fact; I was so tired and emotional, I was going for easy, sugar-filled foods between meals to keep my own energy up for my kids and my milk supply up, even though my kids were eating healthy and balanced the whole time; they were my only priority.

Chocolate was my main vice; but instead of the 'balanced life' I now lead; where I can have some chocolate here and there and not feel guilty for it, I could easy polish off a block of Cadbury.

After going to sleep school with my daughter; my husband and I planned a family holiday to North Queensland where we spent our days indulging and relaxing with the kids in tow.
At the time, my husband was speaking about starting a meal plan to ensure some structure in his meals (while I was struggling to have dinners planned and prepared for him and I).
I remember saying to him 'we don't need a meal plan, I know how to cook healthy food' (and I did... but the creativity and forward thinking for meals and snacks had me stuck).

My husband asked me to take 'before' photos for him and I thought I may as well take some too.
When he took mine; he said 'you won't like them'; he wasn't being insensitive, but he knew that the shape I was in, just wasn't me!
I looked at the photos and thought 'my goodness...'; but to him I simply brushed it off and said 'I knew they'd be bad'.

I was torn between this mentality of knowing I had a 6 month old, my body was still recovering, I'll get there.. AND I need to change something now!

So, as my husband started emailing a personal trainer from his gym for a 'personalised meal plan' (this ended up being the same food every single day which included broccoli and chicken for every meal) I started secretly having a good look at The Bod.

I had seen the program pop up on my social media account; but had no idea of what it involved.
I remember sitting by the pool, feeling horrible about my bikini body and looking through The Bod website, reading samples of the meals (banana bread, burgers, rice?!) and thinking
'I think I can do this! And I think my kids and hubby will eat this food too!'.
I started watching Sophie Guidolin's Snapchat and saw her meal prepping for herself and her four kids from The Bod book!

'I can totally do this!'

This program could fit into my family life so easily while actually being easier and healthier.

I bought the Maintenance program then and there.

I told my hubby I'd make his chicken and broccoli if that's what he wanted, but that I'd be eating all the amazing food from The Bod plan!
He decided to throw his plan out and follow The Bod with me.

Literally the week I began, I could see change starting and every week for 12 weeks; my progress photos were motivating me to keep going.
I was doing home workouts as often as possible and managed to get to the gym 1-2 times per week, but for me; the food was the most amazing part.
I had 'go to' snacks and I knew what I was cooking and eating every night of the week and for lunch too.

So now I was getting sleep, eating well, moving my body, staying active with my kids, I had a routine for each week of food for the entire family (not just the kids), my milk supply (breastfeeding my daughter) had improved and I felt so much better.
I remember Sophie saying something along the lines of 'you may have no idea how good your body is designed to feel' and that was a huge lightbulb moment for me!
Yes, I know now! I don't need to be constantly tired and chasing my tail, even with a newborn!

I did the program through twice fully and then attempted to start a third time but being December/January it became a very relaxed version.

However by now, I was very rarely opening the book as I knew the plan and the recipes by heart.
From here on; I continued to follow the plan in a more relaxed way but felt like I had an understanding of how to live with a balanced lifestyle happily and energetically;
all thanks to The Bod program.

I continued to gain lean muscle and loose body fat and I was feeling so super confident in my clothes and in a bikini.
I hadn't felt this way since before I was pregnant with my son, and to be honest I think I felt better now because I was eating an abundance of amazing food while still maintaining a body I loved.

The feeling of being able to wear anything from my wardrobe confidently was fantastic and motivating.

I didn't have to look for clothes that hid my shape or the parts of me I didn't like and I was really proud of my hard work and I felt so energetic and happy more often than not.

Another incredible aspect of this program is the girls I have met through The Bod. The Bod Babes!

This community really is so supportive and amazing, I have met some of my local bodbabes and have online friendships with a group of others also. What a fantastic way to make friends with girls who are like-minded, motivating and supportive.

In May, we found out we were pregnant with our third baby, due January 2018.
I have been significantly unwell during the first few months of this pregnancy; however, where possible I have managed to continue to eat from the meal plan.
I have also managed to do some home workouts and am absolutely loving the booty bands to do easy; resistance based home workouts.
Three bands in the pack means each of my kids play/copy me, while I do my workout.

My plan from now is to continue having a healthy and active pregnancy, watching and loving my growing belly.

After I have this baby, I plan on listening to my body but I aim to keep in mind how amazing I have felt during this progress.
It's not the easiest thing to start, specifically after a baby, but I know it is the best thing for me and my family in the long run.
I hope I can get back to where I was feeling my best, even with three kids in tow.

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