Pregnancy & The Benefits Of Massage During Your Journey

Pregnancy & The Benefits Of Massage During Your Journey

Pregnancy Massage Pregnancy and massage can go hand in hand, and create incredible results.

If you're anything like our clients who are or have been pregnant, you will know what it's like to be constantly aching, being exhausted but having trouble with your sleeping, muscular fatigue, etc. All of this creates a cycle of pain and discomfort.

One of the best ways to manage these symptoms is to get yourself pampered by a skilled massage therapist.

Massage can help with:

- Relaxation and stress management - Improved blood and lymph circulation, and reduced oedema - Reducing pain - Minimising varicose veins - Reducing blood pressure - Relieving muscular fatigue and cramping - Improve energy levels - Reducing depression and anxiety

Best of all: TIME FOR YOURSELF because you deserve it, you're growing a whole new human being! -

Ryan has worked in this industry for almost 10 years. In his words; 'the most common problem I face is that my clients can always tell me what they have been diagnosed with but they don't actually understand why or what it is. I firmly believe that if you have to see a therapist every week for several months they are doing something wrong or cannot help you at all. My clients are all motivated to look after themselves to keep going, to improve their posture and injury free life because I show them that they can!'

Written by: Ryan Sullivan

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