Meal-Prep Ideas for Surviving Self-Isolation

Meal-Prep Ideas for Surviving Self-Isolation

We get it. You’re home all day. The fridge is calling. You can’t stop eating even when you know you don’t need those extra cals. We’re all feeling out of whack in this COVID climate. But it’s time to take back control, sister. We’ve got you covered with meal prep ideas for surviving iso - ditch the comfort eating and let’s get to it.

Curb the Cravings

Fats have a satiating effect, helping you feel full so you can avoid the urge to binge or go back for seconds. They’re an essential part of a balanced diet but donuts and Maccas are not the way to go. You want unsaturated fats found in plant-based food and seafood for their Omega-3 and Omega-6 which contribute to hormone function, heart health and reduced inflammation. (For more on the different types of fats and why you need ‘em, check out THE BOD Fuel.)

And don’t forget to hit your protein target every day. The essential building block of any nutrition plan, you need protein for muscle repair and recovery - aim for around 30g protein per meal. This will help you feel full and stabilise your blood sugar levels.

Swerve the Sugar

We need carbs for learning, memory and clear thinking (hard to manage when we don’t even know what day it is in iso-prison!). You want to swerve the simple carbs like lollies, sports drinks and sweeteners and instead hit up fruit (for sweetness + fibre) and complex carbs like wholegrains, legumes and sweet potatoes for longer-lasting energy (to tide you over in your next Netflix binge - or at home workout with THE BOD).

Ditch Deliveroo

Or UberEats. Or whatever your takeout of preference is. Now more than ever is the time to cook at home - you’ll save cash, earn self-distancing points, level up your nutrition and when you know exactly what’s in your food you know precisely how many macros are left over for a little somethin’ somethin’ like our 3 Ingredient Chocolate Brownies (recipe in app!). Just saying.

When you’re craving takeout, THE BOD Fuel has you covered. Check out these swaps - a few minutes in the kitchen and you’ll be reliving the good old days when you could brunch out, go on a dinner date with bae and sneak a cheeky Thai takeout on the couch.

You miss:

Veggie stack brunch at your favourite cafe

You need:

Zucchini & Feta Fritters with Eggs (recipe in app!)

THE BOD Zucchini Feta Fritters

You miss:

Coffee & morning tea with your work wife

You need:

Carrot Spiced Muffins with Cream Cheese Frosting. Get the recipe.

THE BOD Carrot Spiced Muffin

You miss:

Hangs with your gang at the local Indian 

You need:

Chicken Korma. Get the recipe.

Chicken Korma

You miss:

Takeout on the couch

You need:

Ginger Quinoa Nasi Goreng. Get the recipe here.

Ginger Quinoa Nasi Goreng

‘How To’ Meal Prep Hacks - Meals in Minutes

New to meal prepping? Or just lost your meal-prep mojo? Try these hacks to get back on track and have you working that kitchen like a boss

Portion, prepare and pack as you unpack your groceries

Measure out your veggies, pop them in bags or containers and they’ll be ready to grab when it’s time to cook. Or if you’re buying meat in bulk, weigh and portion into servings before freezing.

Freeze in single serves

    Cook a bulk meal like our Eggplant and Chicken Lasagne then cut into individual serves and freeze so you can defrost, heat and eat in minutes.

    Smoothie bags make breakfast a breeze

    When you’re unpacking your groceries, chop and pack apple, spinach, cucumber, ginger and pineapple - or fruits and veg of your choice - into ziplock bags and freeze. Next morning, throw a glass of water and a smoothie bag into the blender, blitz and you’ve got a glass full of micronutrients in minutes.

    Cook once, eat all week

    Make a bulk base, like our Chilli Con Carne and eat it five different ways all week - stuffed sweet potatoes, wraps, with rice or in a toastie.

    Weigh raw

    Always weigh your food raw for consistency - meat ‘shrinks’ when cooking, so your 120g cooked weight chicken breast might be more like 150g or 170g when raw. Sneaky calories can derail your body goals. Track accurately, weigh raw.

    Get over 100 recipes, including all the recipes from THE BOD Fuel in our app. You’ll get access to over 500 workouts, wholefoods recipes you can make in minutes and mindset coaching to lift your mental game. Stay fit, get strong even in iso with at home workouts for all fitness levels. Get the app.

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