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5 Ways To Stick To Your New Year Fitness Goals

You’ve made the decision to change your life and commit to a healthier lifestyle in 2023. YAS!

Now let's ensure that what you said you were going to do becomes what you did do…

Here are some quick and simple ways to keep your motivation flame burnin' and help you to stick to your New Year fitness goals…

Set SMART Goals

    • Make your goal Specific - if you want to lose weight, how much weight do you want to lose?
    • Make your goals Measurable - set yourself a benchmark so you know when you’re close to achieving your goal, such as achieving a set number of reps for an exercise (e.g 15 pull-ups)
    • Ensure your goals are Achievable. Goals should be challenging and push you, but they also need to be achievable. Saying you want to achieve 10 pull-ups in the next week or so is probably not an achievable goal if you’re a fitness beginner, and if you don’t hit your goal then it can become disheartening and unlikely you’ll continue.
    • Your goal should be realistic and Relevant to YOU. Your fitness goal has to be realistic to you and your individual circumstances, considering your lifestyle, health, current fitness level, resources, and available time. Think about why you want to achieve your goal and if it is appropriate for your health and lifestyle.
    • Goals should be Time-specific. There’s no better time than the present. The sooner you start identifying and setting your fitness goals, the closer you are to achieving them. You’ll also need to set a deadline for your goal. This allows you to work out a realistic plan and schedule to achieve your goal.

Find out more about how to set SMART goals here >

Make It Enjoyable

Sometimes you can get stuck in a plateau because you’re sticking to the same workout routine or you’re not listening to what your body wants or enjoys. Try mixing it up with new exercises or shorter yet intense sessions.

Remember to listen to your body. If you don’t feel like working legs, then swap your split and train upper body instead. If you’re feeling burnt out then go for a walk or take a rest day. Create a new bangin’ playlist to pump you up or try moving your workout to a different location - whether a different room in your home or outside at the local park or beach. Feeling burnt out from high-intensity workout all the time? Why not try a low-impact workout instead?

Grab A Workout BFF

What’s a better pick me up than your go-to girl? Having someone like your bestie to hold you accountable or join you for workouts could be the driving force you need. When there’s someone relying on you to your workout, you’re much more likely to do it!

Track Your Progress

Often we don't realise the progress we make until we take the time to reflect - so it’s important to track your progress and see how far you’ve come. Keeping tabs on your progress can help you move in the direction of your goals and assure you that you’re walking towards growth. Take progress photos every 2 weeks or keep an exercise diary and record which exercises you performed during each session, how well you performed, and how you felt when you were done. Reflecting on the photos and putting it on paper will boost your workout motivation level.

To make it easy for you to keep track of your progress, use the Accountability Tracker in The Bod App

Join A Fitness Challenge

Joining a challenge is a great way to hold you accountable. And you’ll have support from other women partaking in the challenge who will motivate you to push through if you feel yourself slipping. A challenge is a great way to kickstart a new training regime and will provide you with the tools you need to sustain your fitness goals throughout 2023 and beyond!

The Bod Reset Challenge is a result-driven program designed to help you achieve a full-body transformation from the comfort of your own home in just 6 weeks and will help you build healthy habits that you can maintain for life! 

To join, simply: 

1. Download the The Bod App on the App Store or Google Play

2. Select The Reset Challenge program

3. Start crushing goals from day one!

What are your New Year fitness goals? Share them in the comments below or reach out to us on Instagram @thebod_


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